Best Spikeless Golf Shoes in 2018

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There are certain features that you need to look for in Spikeless Golf Shoes along with being spikeless and here we will discuss the key factors for selecting the best Spikeless Golf Shoes for your game. This revolutionized golfing footwear brings comfort and versatility to your play. Delivering great grip, stability and style, here we consider some of the best on the market.

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Note: Ratings updated for January 2018

A game of golf is a game of skill, experience, training, and endurance. But, to bring your best foot forward, (no pun intended!), you must also invest in best spikeless golf shoes. Having the perfect greens and perfect weather gets you only so far, if your shoes are damp from the dewy grass.

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All sportsmen know that being comfortable in one’s skin and clothing is as essential to winning a game, as is the equipment needed to play it. It’s no wonder that shoe and sportswear companies spend time and money in researching the best materials and technology in designing the most streamline, free-flowing athletic wear that they can!


For many, who play the game, shoes, clothes and other apparel, are also a reflection of style and taste along with function and utility. When it comes to golf, gone are the days of yore where players plodded along on uncomfortable metal spiked shoes. The modern era has brought with it a new wave of stylish, well-fitted, and sensible set of spikeless golf shoes to let you bring your ‘A-game’ to the course.

Features to look in Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Even though one might argue that buggies are available to drive players around the course, a majority of golfers prefer to walk the grounds. It helps them gain the feel of the grass, not to mention, the exercise! For such long-distance walking, an ideal golf shoe should have some key features.

Waterproof and Warm

The greatest concern in golf footwear would probably arise from the fact that damp grass soaks through the thin soles of traditional shoes. This is not only uncomfortable during the winter months, but also a potential cold or health risk, especially for senior folk.

A good shoe, either for walking or golfing, should have a waterproof lining in the insole as well as the top cover to prevent any splashes or rain from wetting your foot or socks.

The most common and best material that provides water tight seals as well as keeps warm is Gore-Tex membrane or film. This material is also breathable making it ideal for an all-around golf shoe. All best spikeless golf shoes i’ve ever worn were mostly made of this material.Above View 2

Grip and Weight

Grip on a golf shoe is an obvious requirement for any golf shoe type, spiked or spikeless. However, getting good traction with metal or hard plastic spikes is easy enough. Achieving the same with spikeless soles has now become easier with the advent of new technologies in materials and fabrics.

Having a stable and sturdy grip on the greens, during a power swing, is extremely important to ensure a long drive. Usually, best spikeless golf shoes come equipped with synthetic cleats or dimples in lieu of hard metal spikes, which not only offer more grip, but help reduce the maintenance and up-keep of the grass carpet.

Another advantage of wearing best golf shoes with no spikes, apart from a more snug fit and comfort, is their reduced weight. Light-weight shoes are generally preferred by players who walk the entire course during their game.

Material or fabric of construction

Golf shoes come in a wide variety of fabrics, ranging from faux leather, to mesh fabrics. Choice of a shoe must be made depending on a player’s comfort, season and time of year, and weather.

Leather has been a traditional material for all shoes, over the years, and the golf shoe is no exception. With years of wear, leather has a tendency to stretch and give, to adjust to the dimensions of your foot. Though it doesn’t provide the kind of waterproofing are Gore-Tex, it is thinner and more suitable for sunny weather.

Synthetic material although cheaper and lighter than the aforementioned two, doesn’t provide needed stretch with use. The fabric may not be as breathable as other shoe materials used in the market.

Versatility and Appeal

Defining personal style is sportswear has been a trend ever since brands like Nike, Adidas and the like, have developed high performance athletic shoes for every kind of sport. When it comes to the multitudes of spikeless golf shoes, the varieties and patterns guarantee that there’s one for everyone.

The kinds of golf shoes available today are very versatile in design and in functionality. There is no standard for how best spikeless golf footwear should look. Some of them look like sneakers or trainers, while others look dapper and formal. Due to the inherent design of spikeless shoes, they can be worn anywhere and are good for long distance walks. However, since many shoes have soft cleats or bumps for grip, they may wear out if they are constantly rubbed against concrete surfaces.

5 best spikeless golf shoes of 2018

As we’ve seen, there are several styles and fits provided by manufacturers in spikeless golf shoes. To boil the list down to our top 5 picks, we’ve considered ratings, customer satisfaction, and price.

A point to note, although we’ve provided a review of men’s golf shoes in the below list, the brands mentioned do offer women’s golf shoes as well. This guide is meant to inform you of the various brands and models, from which to pick.

FootJoy Contour Casuals

FootJoy has long since established its name in the golf shoe market. Hence, it is befitting, that we feature them first on our list! They are also perhaps, the most competitively priced shoes in our list, falling within the $$$ range.

This spikeless shoe from FootJoy is made of leather. It’s a traditional looking shoe, straightforward and utilitarian. It is water resistant and has lace up fronts.

52 Amazon customers have given it a great rating of 4.5 stars. Patrons of the brand find that this shoe is very comfortable and fits better with time. They are also quite true to the size charts and can be used to tread on paved surfaces as well as the greens.

Although rated high by customers, a few concerns were addressed on the width of the instep which might cause pinching for some. Knowing your exact foot size and trying some on, before purchase is recommended, as these shoes are great for their price. Because of all these features these shoes have, i decided to place them first on my list, because i think they are truly the best of all spikeless golf shoes out there.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Tour Elite Golf Shoe

As we move into the more mainstream athletic wear companies, the Skechers Golf Tour Elite, Spikeless Shoe gets rated highest in our list. These shoes may be priced anywhere between $$-$$$ depending upon models and variants. They come in a number of colors such as navy, charcoal, brown, and white.

Like the FootJoy shoe, the Skechers Golf Tour Elite also provides a formal looking lace up front. It has padded cuffs for added cushioning and comfort. The rubber sole and synthetic exteriors provide abundant water-tight and water resistance properties. The product weighs around 3 pounds and is extremely comfortable for wear on all surfaces.

Golf players who have purchased this shoe are happy with the way it wears in from usage, earning them an outstanding Amazon rating from hundreds of customers. They are also pleased with the waterproofing provided by this shoe, as it makes it ideal to play in wet weather.

Adidas Men’s Adicross V Golf Spikeless Shoe

Like our first contender, the Adidas Adicross Golf Shoe is also leather finished. It is a lace up shoe with the upper surface featuring Climastorm water resistance. This classic shoe features the iconic Adidas three stripes on the sides as patterns.

The price for these shoes could fall anywhere between $-$$ depending on types and condition of the shoe (pre-owned shoes are also available) These shoes are lightweight and feature Cloudfoam sockliners for cushioning. They are a versatile shoe as well and can be worn on many surfaces apart from the golf greens. They are suave and add a bit of style to your wardrobe too!

Those who invested in a pair of these Adicross shoes have not been disappointed. And those thoughts are echoed by the more than hundred customers on Amazon, who rated the product at high  rating. These shoes have been used for multiple purposes on and off the course. Customers were happy with the fit, and the wearing-in period was quite short.

PUMA Men’s Ignite Spikeless Golf Shoe

These Puma spikeless shoes come in a large variety of color combinations and patterns, making it ideal for the style-conscious. The look is sleek and streamline with minimalistic lace fronts. These edgy looking shoes are priced between $$-$$$ per the colors, designs, and patterns.

The shoe boasts of proprietary material known as energy-return foam that offers additional stability. It is made of synthetic leather and has a rubber sole. The shoe has the puma insignia on the tongue at the stretch collar opening.

Perfectly crafted for several uses, this shoe has been a customer favorite in the comfort and versatility department. As with the previous shoes on this list, customers found that the water resistance was adequate to allow these shoes to be used on wet grass. They provide good grip and traction along the course. An added bonus with many customers was the aesthetic appeal and smart and neat finish.  A highest star rating is given by bunch of Amazon customers.

Nike Golf Men’s FI Impact Golf Shoe

Our list would not be complete without adding the Nike FI Impact Golf shoe. Nike has been a forerunner in technological advancements in many sporting goods and has even been endorsed by Tiger Woods. The FI Impact Golf shoe is priced between $-$$$ and comes in a plethora of vibrant color combinations. The shoe features the Nike logo along the side.

Coming to the fabric and material, it is synthetic with a synthetic sole as well. The lace up front has a breathable mesh upper façade and TPU overlay with waterproofing. The outer sole features groves for increased traction and rubber pods for grip and flexibility. It provides a snug fit for stability and comfort. It is adaptive to the foot and lightweight.

This shoe comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty for waterproofing. Standing tall in the golf shoe segment, this product has earned a high rating from hundreds of Amazon buyers. Those who like walking the course of the game have been very happy with the performance and comfort of the Nike FI Impact golf shoe. The padded, molded sockliner provides cushioning while walking and playing. The look and color combinations have also been greatly appreciated, making this shoe a great purchase for the avid golfer.

To wrap things up…

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, comfort in one’s attire while playing a sport is as important as the equipment used for play. With constant advances in technology in comfort-ware for sports apparel, there is always something new to look forward to. Buying best spikeless shoes for golfing can be a great investment especially if you’re an active player who enjoys walking along the greens.

They’re great for walking on several different surfaces too, which makes it easier to get from the course to your car without changing shoes mid-way. They’re easier on the grass and easier on wooden flooring too. Throw in the varieties, designs, fits, colors, and patterns and you can customize your look for every game you play.

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