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Callaway Strata Women’s Review

For the past few years, golf club sets have been increasingly rising in popularity. The most popular and arguably the best of them all is Callaway Strata line. This brand seems to have found a way to manufacture golf clubs that are affordable, well-built and solid performers at the same time. I have already written Callaway Strata Review in general, but in this article, i want to focus on Strata

Best Irons For Intermediate Golfer

Irons are one of, if not the most important clubs you’ll be using on the golf course. For beginner golfers, they are source of some headaches. Long irons are especially hard to hit, so people came up with hybrids to make life a bit easier for beginners. Once you grow from being complete beginner into an intermediate-level golfer, answers to your problems stop being so simple. Getting super game improvement

Wilson Profile XD Review

Profile XD is one of the most popular club sets made by Wilson. I think it’s popularity is well deserved, as it is fairly priced and clubs included are great bargain for the price. It must be noted that not everyone agrees on that and Profile XD club set has its fair share of critics. Before going any further with this review, I should also mention that there are Profile

Tour Edge Bazooka Club Sets – Review

Tour Edge released their Bazooka golf club set not so long ago, but the product has already become incredibly popular among all types of golfers. Beginners and intermediate golfers like Tour Edge Bazooka because it is good quality affordable set of clubs, thus allowing them to get started in golf without going into debt. Bazooka set comes with 11-12 clubs, depending on which model you buy. There is 260 model,

Which Left Handed Golf Clubs to Buy in 2020

Being left handed golfer isn’t as much of a hindrance as it used to be. It won’t get in the way of either becoming a great golfer or having casual fun, but still, there are few things to keep in mind. For example, golf courses are designed for majority – right handed golfers. It doesn’t have great effect on the outcome of your game, but if we’re talking about disadvantages

Callaway Strata Review

Note: Callaway just released newer and better Ultimate club sets for men and women. I highly recommend getting these over older generations, as they are the best club set by Callaway on market right now.      Quick Reviews :  Callaway Strata 14 Piece Quality and Materials Just as with 12 piece set, to achieve remarkably low price, Callaway chose not to use premium materials when making this set. It is still very

Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set Review

*2020 Update Kalea golf club set is still one of the best for women Doesn’t come with golf bag, but includes headcovers. Just 10 clubs, but optimized for distance gaps, so all of them are extremely useful. Great value, even at comparatively high price(link opens in new tab). Getting perfect golf set for women is very difficult as golfing and men is mostly taken as default pair. With newest Kalea

Best Golf Clubs for Kids Who are just starting out

Introduction Note: Ratings updated in 2020 Most parents, who have recognized budding golfing talents in their toddlers, are keen to propel their children towards going pro. An early start leads to better and faster learning. Getting the right kind of clubs, balls, shoes for children, is important because training wrong is worse than training late. Hence, parents typically invest in pro 14-piece golf kits, or kits which are too big for

Adams Idea A12 OS Iron Set Review

The late Arnold Palmer came under criticism in recent years for marketing various clubs that did not meet USGA or Royal & Ancient “fairness” standards. But the great ambassador of the game was unperturbed. “I’m not marketing these clubs to touring pros,” Palmer said in an interview. “I’m marketing them to amateur players and seniors, to increase their enjoyment of the game.” Enjoyment of the game can be in tragically

TaylorMade MC Irons Review

For a long time, golf balls came in 2 forms. There were “wound” balls with liquid cores, favored by professionals and low-handicap club golfers for their feel, extra backspin and maneuverability when shot-shaping. In contrast, there were “2 piece” balls with solid cores, excellent for long drives and overall distance. 2 piece balls tended to go straighter, even when hit improperly. The golfers who chose to play with 2 piece

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