If you know a thing or two about drivers, you could probably guess by the name that this driver offers the most forgiveness. The clubhead sits a little bigger at address. I wouldn’t say it’s bulky but large enough to give you some extra confidence.

It’s worth noting that the drivers are all 460cc, but the Epic Max has what Callaway calls a “large” head profile. Unlike the Epic Speed, which came with no adjustable weight the Epic Max comes with a movable 16g perimeter weight. This is a great feature for players like me, who don’t get fitted for clubs but love having the ability to tweak it and maximize performance. You get the same loft settings as the Epic Speed, with a choice of 9°, 10.5°, and 12° options.

In terms of shot shape, with the Epic Speed, you’ll notice I used the word “slight” when describing the draw bias. The flight of this club is even more biased towards a draw, but remember this can be tweaked using the movable weight.

If you’re worried that the slightly bigger clubhead will negatively impact distance that’s understandable. The numbers suggest that the Epic Max is a few yards shorter than the Epic Speed. If you’re a player who needs more forgiveness, I wouldn’t worry about the tiny drop-off in distance. After all, I’d rather be 270 yards long and hitting my next shot from the fairway, than 285 yards into the trees.

This is by far the most forgiving driver in the Epic 2021 range. It’s plenty long and gives you a bunch of confidence when standing over your tee shot. My prediction is that the Epic Max will become a favorite among amateur golfers for years to come.