Last but not least we’ve got the Callaway Epic Max LS. This is a driver designed to provide low spin, but still offers excellent forgiveness.

Most amateur players gravitate away from low spin drivers and can be intimidated by them. This is because low spin drivers of the past haven’t offered great forgiveness and some players struggle to generate the spin they need. Callaway has addressed this problem with the Epic Max LS.

The Max LS shares (by Callaway’s own admission) the same “large” head profile of the Callaway Epic Max. It’s worth noting this has a neutral center of gravity so doesn’t favor a draw or a fade. It’s only available in 9° and 10.5° of loft.

In terms of forgiveness, considering it’s designed to generate low spin I’m really impressed. It’s not quite as forgiving as the regular Max driver head, but you can get away with off-centered hits without ending up in trouble. The Epic Max LS features a 13-gram adjustable weight, so tweaking its ball flight bias is also an option.

So, this driver isn’t the most streamlined out of the Epic 21 range, and it’s not the most forgiving. So who would get the best use out of this? This driver would be a great option for “good” amateur golfers. Those who want to optimize performance and are chasing lower spin rates. If you’re not ready to make the jump to a driver with a smaller head profile, the Callaway Epic Max LS is the perfect middle ground between the Epic Speed and Epic Max.