The clubhead on the Callaway Epic Speed driver is in my opinion the sleekest of all 3 models, with a classy feel at address. The Epic speed is available in 9°, 10.5°, and 12° loft settings. For ball flight, there is a slight draw bias, and it’s worth noting that this doesn’t come with adjustable weighting. If your miss is a slice or “power fade” as I call mine, this club offers a little help.

In terms of technology, the Epic Speed is the only driver which benefits from the Cyclone Aero Shape. The technology we saw in Callaways’ previous driver release (the Mavrik) is designed to reduce drag and encourages increased clubhead speed.

I’d say this is a driver for players who don’t feel intimidated by a slightly smaller clubhead. If you feel confident about hitting the center of the face, a more streamlined head won’t be an issue. If anything, a smaller clubhead can be beneficial. The aerodynamic design will allow you to swing faster and should see you hitting the ball a greater distance.

Remember, a faster swing speed doesn’t always mean more distance. If your strike gets worse you will probably see less overall distance. Fear not, for those of you who aren’t so consistent with center strikes you’ll love the next driver in the range.