If you struggle with lining your putts up, Callaway’s Triple Track technology might just be the missing piece of your puzzle.

If you’re wondering how it works, you’ll notice that on the balls there are three alignment lines. These lines can be used to line your ball up to the hole when on the putting green. Some beginners might think this is cheating, but fear not even tour pros make use of this tip.

If you read our round-up of the best mallet putters, you’ll know that Callaway also makes putters with matching alignment aids for even better calibration.

You might be wondering what the balls are like aside from their excellent alignment. Well, this is one of Callaway’s longest balls and it’s got an excellent soft feel to it which helps with short game shots. If you’re looking for a ball that offers distance, feels superb around the greens and helps with alignment you’ve found the ball for you.