Sticks can be a great training aid. They can help you to calibrate your swing plane.

I’d go as far as to say they are one of the best golf training aids out there.

Provided that you pick a decent set, you should find that they have a pointy end that can be driven into the ground. This allows you to position them at an angle, acting as a physical barrier to a wayward swing.

A solid stick will literally force you to change your golf swing plane.

This is great as they create genuine and real muscle memory with the actual club you will be using in hand. Other golf swing training aids will give you the perfect swing while you are using them but then leave you out on your own when hitting the golf ball.

By using alignment sticks to correct your swing plane, you get genuine feedback and a ‘real world’ feel into your swing.

The Callaway alignment sticks are great all-rounders.

Gone are the days of carrying a 4-foot length of fiberglass in your bag. These fold down and stow to just over a foot. They are brightly colored and easy to see, and even have a rubber safety cap on the end!