This ball carries all of the characteristics a beginner golfer would want from a golf ball. It’s got a great combination of softness and distance off the tee.

Callaway are known for their innovative technology, the HEX Aerodynamics used in this ball helps reduce drag and promotes lift which can only lead to distance. It’s a low compression ball, which helps produce high ball speeds; perfect for those of you who struggle with distance.

They have included a softer Trionomer cover, which provides plenty of feel. You also get an amazing amount of spin around the greens, not something that’s common amongst non-premium golf balls.

On the whole, the Callaway Supersoft does what its name tells you. It’s a very soft ball with a beautiful feel around the greens and it definitely doesn’t lack in distance thanks to the technology. All in all this is an awesome ball and one we’d recommend to anyone looking for more spin with their chips and pitches.