You may have seen one of these swing training aids on your local practice area. PGA professionals use them.

Do you know why?

They really do work.

A ‘perfect’ swing plane should be at the correct angle, and in an ideal world, the club shaft should follow a near-perfect circle.

What better way to achieve this than create a solid perfect circle for you to draw the club around?

The explanar looks and works similarly to more premium offerings such as the PlaneSwing trainer. It comes with a weighted ‘club’ that you hold flush against the metal swing guide during your backswing.

This is great for many reasons. First, it eliminates absolutely all variables. This is how your swing plane should look. Secondly, the club that is used is quite heavy. This develops really great muscle memory. When you hit your driver after 10 minutes on this, it will feel as light as a feather!

Now, this is not portable in the slightest. You’ll be able to set it up in your own garden. Oh, and you won’t want to play or try and hit shots using your real clubs, not unless you want to spend a fortune in new shafts.