A consistent swing plane leads to a consistent swing path. Most training aids work by developing a consistent swing path.

And here is a case in point.

The eyeline golf speed trap 1.0 literally sets a hard boundary for you to work the clubhead through. Here’s how it works.

The device is a polycarbonate base with a cutout section where you ‘trap’ the ball. There are four ‘rods’ that protrude from the base. The aim of the game is to pick your ball clearly from the grass in the cutout section while avoiding making contact with the rods.

In short, the only way to hit the ball correctly is to change your swing. This is a great tool as it is something you do subconsciously instead of thinking about various bits of body positioning and geometry.

The rods that create the ‘trap’ can be changed in angle to accommodate different golf clubs and lie angles. They attach at the base with Velcro, so if you make contact, you can see which rod has been removed and how you need to change your swing plane to make clean contact.

It does work, and you will hit straighter shots provided you escape the trap. It’s also pretty portable and would be great when used on a practice area.

If you find that you have a significant ‘shape’ to your shots… Or you end up with a divot thicker at one side; then this might just be a valuable training aid to try to correct your swing plane. It even works to develop putting speed and line!