Galvin Green has been around for years manufacturing golf attire that looks good and works in the wettest of conditions. If the gloves are anything like their rain suits, then you should expect big things.

I’m pleased to say that these winter golf gloves shine.

If these golf gloves were in the military, they’d be Delta Force. Seriously, I love them. They are stretchy, and provided you get the size right, they will fit perfectly with no slack or give whatsoever.

The fabric is completely breathable, so your hands stay non-clammy. They are also windproof and waterproof.

You may have noticed I complained about the bulk of other gloves above. These gloves feature Interface technology in the fabric designed to reduce weight and bulk without sacrificing quality…. Or warmth.

They are super grippy too! On my wet grips, they suddenly felt rather tacky.  Just what you want for a wet day.