I don’t know about you but when I think of KING COBRA, I just think of a Driver with a loud noise when you strike it. I also think of Rickie Fowler in an orange flat cap swaggering down the fairway. However, the previous wedges I owned were the “Trusty Rusty” Cobra wedges and they were good. The only issue I had was the shafts were painted black and the paint fell off, making the club look ghastly!

I didn’t find them as soft as my Vokey’s. Although, there is some new tech in the MIM wedges which I know will make them as soft as butter.

KING COBRA boasts about their new method. By injecting steel powder into the mould of the club, then heating the club to crazy temperatures, COBRA believes they have the softest wedge, ever.

What this means for players is that this is a truly forged club. When you strike the ball, you will feel the strike-through your palms and fingers. The benefit is an improved short game through greater control over the ball. You will also enjoy increased feedback from the strike of the shot.