The final putter on the list is another popular model from Odyssey. Say hello to the Triple Track mallet. This putter is like being able to take a training aid out onto the golf course.

You’ll notice three prominent lines on the putter head. These are designed to match up specifically to alignment lines printed on select Callaway balls (Chrome Soft and ERC Soft golf). This design is based on visual technology that lands planes on aircraft carriers. I’m no expert, but if the technology gets planes onto ships surely it could help my ball into the hole?

Although the aircraft technology sounds complex, it’s pretty simple. You line up the lines on your ball with your target line. Once you step up to make the putt, connect the lines on the putter head with the ones on your ball.

Lining up putts this way isn’t new, players on tour have been doing it for years. The benefit you get with this system is that everything feels nicely synchronized. With lines on the ball and putter matched up, you just need a good read and the right pace… easier said than done!

In terms of looks, the white stripe stands out against the black putter, with the three Triple Track lines clear to see. This makes alignment so easy, and Callaway says the technology improves directional aim by over 10%. Performance-wise it’s a great putter, and the face almost feels difficult to rotate. The insert feels a little firm, good for those of you who prefer a less of a soft face.

One downside of this putter is that for alignment, it’s reliant on you using a Callaway ball. This could be a coincidence or a clever marketing tactic. Also for beginners, it could encourage slower play. Being dependent on always aligning your ball perfectly is time consuming. This might not make you the most popular person on the putting green!

All in all this is a great feeling putter with an excellent alignment design. If you’re a golfer who worries they might not be setting up to putts correctly, this would be a massive help.