If you have had a golf lesson, then you might already be familiar with this swing trainer. For those who are unfamiliar, let’s explain how it works.

You hold the orange whip in your usual golf stance. It’s a weighted ball mounted on a really flexible shaft.

From there, you make repeated practice swings. If the ‘club’ (sorry, I can’t call it a whip… it reminds me of that time I ‘forgot’ my wedding anniversary and went out on the course) flexes, bends, or wobbles, it means that your swing balance and tempo is off.

You essentially gain instant feedback from the whip (thwack)… I mean club, that lets you know how your swing tempo is progressing. If you are guilty of coming in from ‘over the top’, then you’ll find that the orange ball will be flexing all over the place.

Having a great swing plane isn’t just about one element. It’s about the various parts of your body working together. The whip will help you to get your upper body in sync with what’s also happening downstairs and greatly increases the rhythm of your swing.

I like that when using it, you immediately know if you aren’t doing something right. I have a lot of confidence in this training aid as it has been developed and been used with PGA pros.

On the downside, While this is a fun training aid to use, you might also find that it differs in ‘feel’ to your regular clubs. There are lighter versions available, but I’m a firm believer in completing drills with the clubs you will use.