The SIG8 Golf Simulator Studio contains everything you need to golf right at home. The only thing not included is a launch monitor, but you can choose one or any simulator device that fits your needs.

The complete package includes a golf simulator enclosure, side barrier net, landing pad turf, hitting mat, projector, projector floor mount, and the required cables. The screen and enclosure can pair well with any launch monitor, while the portable projector shield allows you to safely place the projector on the floor instead of hanging it from the ceiling.

The SIG8 screen is more compact, needing only 10 feet of width space. You can choose the golf mat according to your needs. The enclosure itself is made of a powder-coated steel frame and has a tight-knit polyester impact screen to endure hard shots over a long time. The HD image only fills 80% of the screen but provides crisp virtual visuals.

The Optoma HD 1080p throw projector is one of the best on the market for its price. Overall, despite not including a launch monitor, this studio package’s quality is relatively affordable for everything that is included and can fit in most spaces comfortably.