The SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Studio provides everything that you need to create your own virtual range at home for an affordable price. The protective metal case is easy to set up with the side barriers, offering essential protection.

The high-quality net is from The Net Return Pro Series and features automatic ball return, and can endure ball speeds over 225 mph. The net itself guarantees 250K shots, meaning it will last for a long time. The heavy-duty, UV-treated polyester netting features a lightweight aluminum frame that is highly durable and portable.

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor included with this simulation package is incredibly accurate with high-speed photometric technology used by other monitors that cost more than $10K. It does not include a golf simulator projector, but you can connect the system to your PC, tablet, or TV next to the net. However, it may not be compatible with a Mac.

There are a few features you can add on, such as a SwingTurf Golf Mat and Game Improvement Plan, which includes target practice, skills assessment, and progress tracking through the SkyGolf Mobile App. Overall, the affordable price and simple setup make this a great golf simulator for beginners and those on a budget looking to start golfing at home.