I didn’t feel like my list would be complete if I didn’t include a truly premium golf ball. The Srixon Q Star is a 3 piece tour-level golf ball that comes with an amazingly soft feel at impact.

The issue I have with advising beginners to use premium tour-level balls is usually the price. After all, as a beginner golfer you’re going to be losing a lot of golf balls. This can prove expensive if you’re paying $50 per dozen. However, the reason that I decided to include the Q Star in the list was that it’s so reasonably priced.

So what about the quality? Thanks to the FastLayer technology employed by Srixon, you get a ball that just flies off the face and produces fantastic distance. The SeRM urethane cover helps you to get a beautiful feel as well as control around the greens. These balls are topped off with printed side alignment aids, that give you extra confidence over those pressure putts.