This is a ball that I can personally vouch for, I gamed them for the season last year. They are in my opinion the perfect balance of feel, quality, and price for the majority of recreational golfers.

From tee to green these balls are outstanding. They feel great off the face of your club and offer a ton of distance. When it comes to approach shots, I love their accuracy and control (especially when chipping from around the green). The 338 dimples are designed with speed in mind, helping to reduce drag and especially when you’re trying to stop the wind carrying your shots.

Srixon has a solid reputation for their golf balls, and the Soft Feel definitely delivers. Even as a lower handicap player, some days I lose plenty of balls. Their reasonable price point allows you to play as aggressively or as conservatively as you like. The Soft Feel is a fantastic ball for beginners who are learning the ropes of golf.