My Dad handed me a Vokey golf wedge before my first bicycle. The SM8 is Titleist’s annual release of high-quality Wedges. They have some big technical changes for this year.

Titleist claims to have improved the consistency of their wedges. By pushing the center of gravity forward. These wedges offer high levels of spin and continue with their trademark milled grooves.

They are a beautiful looking, traditional wedge. These wedges will always perform and there are some key reasons but don’t get all caught up in wanting to spin it all the time.

Having a consistent trajectory and flight will improve your score more than the ability to rip one in there, loaded with spin. I played my best golf when I could keep my wedges low and control the flight into the green. It allowed me to control how far the ball went, it didn’t matter if the pin was way in the back corner of the green. I was still flying it back there. Don’t get me wrong, a little jazz and spin is still fun though!

Back to the Vokey, the change in weight and center of gravity in the wedge achieves what I was talking about. It lowers the trajectory in which the wedge flies. The benefit to players is a more consistent flight and increased distance control. Particularly if you have a little wind blowing into you. For a low handicapped golfer that strikes the ball solid, I would recommend this wedge. The reason is you will be able to control your distance better, because of the lower ball flight.