The Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ is an amazing ball. It provides distance and feel at a great price and is in my option very underrated. Wilson Staff balls get a bad rep based on some of the old balls that came out under the Wilson name. Wilson Staff is the golf division of Wilson, and makes great golf gear. Don’t get them confused with the rock-hard Wilson balls you find buried in the rough from the 1980’s.

According to my pro, amongst beginners these are the best-selling golf ball at the golf club; there’s a reason they are so popular. Often you get a ball that’s designed with either softness or distance in mind. Usually, it’s only premium balls (with high price tags) that are designed to be long as well as soft. The Duo Soft+ screams softness, it’s in the name. What’s also impressive is that Wilson Staff called it the longest premium 2-piece golf ball around.

The 318 dimple pattern helps to provide a penetrating ball flight that’s great for windy weather. If you’re looking for a golf ball that’s plenty long and gives you a receptive feel around the greens, look no further than the Staff Duo Soft+.