My best friend and PGA Professional Freddie Meikle was a Sales Rep for Wilson. This guy would not stop telling me how good Wilson’s sand wedge and lob wedge has been for his short game. He mentioned the Wedges on more than one occasion. Fast forward to 2021 and Rick Shields even shouts from the hilltops that Wilson Staff clubs are as good as the big boys (and he doesn’t even get paid to say that!).

I have used them for a season and I thoroughly enjoyed their performance around the greens. I am not sure if it was a placebo effect that made me stop!

This is the softest wedge made thus far from Wilson Staff, so probably better wedges than the previous model I was using. Wilson uses carbon steel to give more feel around the greens, due to the softer metal. Wilson Staff also features their machine-engraved “score lines” on the clubface. The benefit to players is more opportunity to create spin on the ball. Giving you more around the greens.