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If you are looking to add some extra fun and action to your golf match, we’ve got just the game for you. Bingo Bango Bongo is an entertaining betting game that can be played by two, three or four players, in which three points are up for grabs on every hole. We’ve gathered up everything you need to know about the game for you to give it a shot. Enjoy!

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What is Bingo Bango Bongo?

Bingo Bango Bongo is a points-based golf game played in a group. (Think Stableford, but much more fun). Players in each group are awarded one point based on achieving specific aims throughout the round. It is a straightforward golf game that can be played alongside other golf formats.

As long as you have a group of two or more, you’ll be able to play.

How to Play Bingo, Bango, Bongo

Bingo Bango Bongo is fun because earning points has nothing to do with the number of strokes taken on each hole.

What does that mean?

If you are playing terribly, it doesn’t matter too much as long as your playing partners are equally terrible. You are playing against each other, not the golf course. When you look at the scoring system below, you’ll see what we mean. None of the criteria for winning points are based on taking the least number of shots.

⛳️ - How do You Score Bingo Bango Bongo?

The points awarded depend on each player satisfying any of the three criteria. Each player can achieve one or all depending on how good they are (or if they are a bandit, yes, I’m talking about you, Brett, you still owe me $18).

A ‘Bingo’ point: The bingo point is awarded to the player whose ball hits the green first

A ‘Bango’ point: The player whose ball is closest to the pin, when all balls are on the green, gets the bango point.

A ‘Bongo’ point: The bongo point is awarded to the player who is first to hole out.

Once the round is complete, you add up each player’s total number, bingo points, bango points, and bongo points. Whoever has got the highest score wins!

⛳️ - Why Etiquette is Important

Take another look at the rules for scoring above. Does anything stand out to you?

Two out of three of the points awarded rely on somebody being the first to achieve them. If you get to ‘go first,’ you have the best chance of winning either the ‘bingo’ point or the ‘bongo’ point. So, etiquette is essential (especially where money might be involved… Brett).

So, here’s some more ‘rules.’

You should be doing it anyway, but the person farthest from the hole always gets to play their shot first. Yup that’ll be me… Can you say ‘bango’?

Regarding who tees off first on each hole, it is just like ‘normal’ golf. The winner of the previous hole should be first to tee off on the next hole. So although your strokes don’t count towards who wins this particular game, they should still be used to determine the order of play.

Who is Bingo Bango Bongo Best Suited to?

The great thing about Bingo Bango Bongo golf is that you can take pretty much any mix of players of different skill levels, and they can have a fun game together. In a regular game, a scratch player vs. a high handicapper makes for a miserable day out. There’s a good chance that a low handicapper will be the first player to get their ball on the green and the first player to hole out…

However, when golf players with low skill levels can still steal the ‘bango’ point by chipping a bump and run up the green to be closest to the pin (even after hacking up the fairway…looking at you, Brett). It’s one of those interesting games that keep your spirits up, even when you are having a ‘bad’ day.

New golf players are particular beneficiaries, especially when it comes to learning about etiquette. You’ve never seen someone scream so much about etiquette until they have a chance of losing a dollar if it isn’t adhered to. (Yup, again… Brett).

Betting Rules in Bingo Bango Bongo

Joking aside, playing for money can get a little ugly. Unless you decide the stakes first. Here are some of the betting rules we usually play with: –

Each of the players in the group pays a set amount into the pot. The player with the most bingo points, bango points, and bongo points wins the pot at the end of the round. Simple?


Assign each point a cash value. Then at the end of the round, add up each group member’s points and pay out the differences. Here’s an important point. Three points per hole and 18 holes equal 54 points. Even at a dollar a point that isn’t small money, so be sure to agree on terms you can afford before you play.

Variations of Bingo Bango Bongo

What do you mean it isn’t ‘fun enough’? (Man, you sound just like Brett).

If you are looking to ‘spice things up’ a little further, you can add a few more variations.

How’s about awarding a ‘bonus’ for any player who snags all of the points on one hole? Or for the player who achieves the most bango points being closest to the pin?

Closing thoughts…

Golf isn’t the easiest of games. The best thing about playing bingo… is that each player can work towards improving an element of their game. Accuracy, the short game, and your long game are all rewarded in equal measure. The best bit? One ‘bad’ hole doesn’t ruin your entire round, and you might win a dollar or two? Best of luck!

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