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Best Driver for Slice

If there is one thing that all golfers will agree on, it must be the fact that slices are terrible. The worst thing is, that even after years of playing golf, you are never safe from occasional slice.  When you start off your first shot with a slice, it really gets to you and shakes your confidence. That’s probably why slices are universally hated. Most common problem that beginner golfers go to instructors with is a slice. Occasional slices are common even among experienced golfers, but if they occur too frequently, it’s definitely worth investigating.

Why does slice happen?

Usually slice occurs when you hit the ball with open clubface at an impact. Reasons for this may be various, most common being weak grip. Although causes aren’t limited to just that. There are many possible reasons that may lead to a slice, most of which have something to do with your swing and the way you’re positioning your body before hitting the ball. For most golfers, and especially beginners, hitting with driver properly is much harder than using any other club. Making a diagnosis that specifies exact reason for your debacle is rather hard. If you go to see a golf teacher, once he or she sees your swing, it should be easy to figure out what’s wrong. That’s why i always recommend to beginner golfers looking for ways to fix a slice to first go and see instructor. Yes, some golf clubs do certainly help in resolving this problem, but few hours of golf lessons can be exceedingly helpful. When you spend hundreds of dollars on golf equipment, it’s worth spending couple of hundred more to make sure you know how to use that equipment properly. Even if you get the best driver to fix a slice, it can only do so much. You need to couple new driver and golf lessons together if you want to slice much less often.

Still, if you’re too busy to practice, you’re in luck, because newest golf clubs have proved themselves to be capable of reducing frequency of sliced shots. Designers and manufacturers of those clubs use certain tweaks to achieve immediate results. Still, it is worth mentioning that results can be even better if you put few hours into practicing your swing with a teacher.

One way in which golf club manufacturers try to fix slice problem is exemplified by the clubs that are called “offset drivers”. These drivers intentionally tweak the design of club face, so that the changes in design will negate your mistake and your shot will be normal, even though your shot was less than perfect. There are few concerns i have with offset drivers. First and foremost, they don’t offer solution to golfer’s problem, just a shortcut to avoiding it. Even the best offset driver will only erase trace of your mistakes, instead of helping you resolve them. So as the time passes and you become experienced golfer, while struggling with normal club might have made you better golfer, your slicing tendencies won’t change as long as you keep using offset drivers.

Draw drivers, on the other hand, look and function a lot like normal drivers.  Design changes like placing center of gravity in the heel of the club are much more subtle and focus on making your swing easier to improve. In general, draw drivers dramatically reduce the frequency of slices, while, at the same time, avoiding any deformities to the club in the process. Because of this universally useful design, you can use them for years to come, even when you’ve become experienced golfer and don’t slice your shots anymore.

If i had to conclude my opinion in one paragraph, it would be this : In best case scenario, you should try to get best driver for slice as well as get some training from experienced golf teacher. If you’re very busy, golf clubs alone should do the trick, but they won’t be as effective as combined results.

Draw Drivers Vs Offset Drivers

One disadvantage of using offset drivers, as i’ve mentioned before, is that they don’t offer a solution, but a quick fix. Once you’re more experienced and ready to move on to more serious clubs, you might find that your slice problem is still there. Draw drivers, which i think are the best for correcting a slice, don’t have this problem. They function pretty much the same way as regular drivers, just with few advantages that make them less likely to produce faulty shot.

Best Driver for Slice in 2019

TaylorMade M4 Draw Type Driver 

This club is definitely one of, if not the best driver for those who want to correct their slice. Even if you don’t have serious problem with slicing your shots, you might still find this Draw type Driver more than handy. It’s face angle is designed to be forgiving of swing mistakes and reduce their negative effects as best as possible. TaylorMade also designed this club to have larger-than-usual sweet spot, so that beginners would find it easier to hit properly. It’s draw bias is achieved by positioning center of gravity in the heel of the driver.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

Being one of the most popular and affordable offset drivers out there, this club was obvious choice for this list. It is effective at fixing your slice, even though i personally prefer to use draw drivers over offset type ones. Its 460cc clubhead is in the upper range of club heads in terms of size, which obviously makes it easier to hit. As mentioned before, one of the main qualities of this offset driver is that it is affordable and gets the job done. I would consider it to be the best offset driver for the money in 2019. On top of good bargain that this driver alone would be, you also get headcover included in the price.

Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

This is also an offset driver, and probably the best of its kind on this list. It is more sophisticated and feels much more luxurious than PGX driver. Not only that, but it’s clubface is designed to eliminate slices, thus making your shots straighter and longer. Crown’s positioning and ergonomic design eliminates or corrects most of your mistakes and makes sure that every ball is hit with closed clubface. Forged titanium face insert makes your ball fly faster and cover more distance while doing so. In my opinion, Cobra’s F-Max is the best driver for slice among those that are available right now.

Callaway Rogue Draw

I saved my favorite driver as the last one. Callaway Rogue Draw is one of, if not the best draw driver capable of fixing your slice problem. It’s high price should be some indicator of it’s high quality and subsequently, powerful driving capabilities.  It’s jailbreak technology increases the speed at which your golf ball will fly, which in turn increases overall distance significantly. Callaway’s R&D team even worked in collaboration with Boeing to make club head with superb airflow that increases head speed. Definitely the best driver for the task of correcting your slice.

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