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Best Driver For the Money in 2020



Quick Reviews


Cleveland HB Launcher 

Quality & Materials :

Design and quality of this golf club are excellent. Materials are high end, just what they need to be for maximum performance. 

Value for the money : 

Pretty expensive, but considering what an amazing club you’re getting, it’s worth every penny. 

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TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver 

Quality & Materials :

Excellent quality. Titanium core and titanium shaft, amazing design. Great look.

Value for the money : 

Not expensive at all, especially considering its premium quality. Probably the best value on this list.

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Big Bertha V Series

Quality & Materials :

Old release by Callaway, but still pretty good for 2019. Features great game-improvement technology.

Value for the money : 

As an older model, this driver is much more affordable than most other drivers. Within reasonable budget.

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Best driver for the money in 2020

Driver is arguably the most important club of all, so it’s pretty important to not make big mistakes when you’re choosing one. Driver that meets your needs perfectly will greatly improve your game, but if you pick a driver that, for whatever reason, is not a good match for you, you will be in big trouble. So it goes without saying that you shouldn’t pick a driver based on its looks, price, or any one characteristic alone. Rather, you should judge how well-rounded a driver is and how useful it will be in helping you achieve your goals. When it comes to price, if you’re beginner, i recommend to go for relatively cheap golf drivers. I’ll try to help you find best budget golf driver in later part of this tutorial, but for now, let’s talk about drivers in general.


Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver

Most expensive driver on this list. It must be noted though that relatively steep price is made up for by excellent quality and game-improvement design. In comparison to other newly released top notch drivers, this one is rather cheap in comparison. Cleveland designed these clubs to offer simplicity and superb performance to everyday golfers. Brilliant feats of golf technology, such as HiBore crown head and launcher cup designs, ensure that. Overall, at its current price, it’s great bang for the buck, especially considering the fact that headcover is included in the price.

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Callaway Men’s Big Bertha V Series Driver

This club has been released in 2014, so there are newer Callaway drivers available on the market, but this one is undoubtedly best budget golf driver of them all. It costs significantly less than newest top notch drivers, and while it might not exactly be a match for them, this club is still one of the best on market in terms of quality, design and craftsmanship. The driver itself is very light, which makes clubhead faster, which in turn makes golf ball fly faster and allows it to cover more distance. Premium shafts are very light as well, which further exacerbates this effect and makes your shots fly even straighter. OptiFit technology allows you to adjust loft to whichever setting you prefer. Price varies depending on store, condition and other variations (such as different flex options) but whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting best driver for the money.

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TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver, Black

If we ranked three budget drivers listed here by the price, this one would fall in the middle. Nonetheless, it is one of the best rated affordable golf driver available right now in 2020. With it’s large 460cc titanium head and titanium core, it promotes higher launch extremely well and also allows you some command over the trajectory of your shots. It also has speed pocket that increases the distance of your tee shots by significant margin. With all these features coupled with relatively low price, plus the fact that it’s very good looking club, it’s popularity among casual golfers shouldn’t come off as surprise. When someone asks for best value golf driver in 2020, this is the club i point them to. It’s impeccable reviews are proof that i’m not exaggerating and this driver is actually that good.

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Why do you need solid golf drivers?

Most golfers can’t do this and spend years playing with golf drivers that are not good fit for them. There are many stereotypes surrounding golf clubs. For example, one stereotype is that the longer your driver is, the better it is. That is not true and whoever is spreading this misinformation is complicit in the crime of making people suffer by struggling with drivers that are too long for their height. People also make mistake of thinking that expensive drivers will automatically solve all their golf problems. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In my experience, spending that money on golf lessons and playing with value golf driver is much better strategy.

One of the most important characteristics of golf driver that you should look out for is its loft. Depending on their levels of experience and overall playing style, people need drivers with different amounts of loft. You need to find one that fits your golf style and get it. Finding out these specifics is tedious process and one that can’t really be explained over the internet. If you have a friend experienced in playing golf go to him/her for help, otherwise, golf instructor should be able to help you determine exactly what sort of driver you’ll need. In general, beginners tend to prefer drivers with higher lofts, because they need to launch their shots high up in the air. This varies for more experienced golfers. Some golf clubs, like TaylorMade’s RBZ black driver that i have reviewed below, have adjustable lofts, so that kind of negates problem of having to know your loft preference before buying golf driver. Still, even if you find adjustable golf driver that is within your budget, it’s better to know what kind of loft will work best for your particular swing style.



Trajectory rating is another important characteristic to look out for when you’re choosing golf driver. It’s related to loft, but not entirely. Amount of loft, as well as center of gravity positioning and other factors ultimately determine trajectory rating of a golf driver. At the end of the day, you should choose a driver that offsets your weaknesses. If you tend to struggle with making ball launch high in the air, go for a trajectory rating that is indicator  of the fact that golf club promotes high launching. All the best drivers for the money i have listed below promote higher launch, so if that’s the case, you should be safe with any one of them.


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