Tour Edge Bazooka Club Sets – Review

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You may have not heard of the Tour Edge, but you may have heard of the Bazooka line at some point and undoubtedly in positive terms. So if you are looking for a brand new set of clubs, we go through the different options available in this article and how the Tour Edge Bazooka is an excellent option for the mid to high handicapper.

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Tour Edge released their Bazooka golf club set not so long ago, but the product has already become incredibly popular among all types of golfers. Beginners and intermediate golfers like Tour Edge Bazooka because it is good quality affordable set of clubs, thus allowing them to get started in golf without going into debt. Bazooka set comes with 11-12 clubs, depending on which model you buy. There is 260 model, which is older one, and the newer release – Tour Edge Bazooka 360. I’m going to review both of them, and let the readers decide which one they prefer. In my opinion, newer version is obviously better, but there are few aspects, such as price of it, that might make Bazooka 260 club set a more attractive option.

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Right now, Amazon only offers right-handed version of 260, but 360 is available for southpaws as well. Both Bazooka sets are extremely stylish, but when it comes to functionality, things get a little muddled. For that, we’ll compare the two in our tour edge bazooka review and hopefully help you decide which one will meet your needs the best.

It should also be noted that there are Bazooka 260 club sets for women as well as for men. I’m not sure about Tour Edge Bazooka 360, I couldn’t find women’s club set online, but there might be one. In this Tour Edge Bazooka review, I will be talking about men’s version of both, but since they are the same model, I assume women’s Bazooka club set will be pretty much the same, with minor differences that women’s clubs usually have.

Tour Edge Bazooka 360 Review

This club set includes 12 individual clubs, four headcovers and an extremely useful stand bag. Set is available for southpaws as well as right-handed golfers. Price is higher than most basic golf club sets, but despite that, Tour Edge Bazooka 360 is great value for the money. In my opinion, this is the best golf club set beginners can find on market right now. It has everything – forgiving clubs, stylish and functional design, quality craftsmanship. The best part of it all is the price. If bought separately, golf clubs of equivalent quality would cost much more than what they cost when bought as bundle of clubs included in Tour Edge Bazooka 360 set. Now let’s get to individual clubs.

Titanium Matrix driver that comes with this set has club head that is 460cc large. You are probably aware that it’s the largest driver head size allowed by rules of golf. Oversized club head is not the only game-improving feature that this driver has. Special design encourages shots to have high MOI and also weight positioning is used to make golf balls travel longer distances.  On top of that, unlike most woods, woods that come with this set are very easy to hit and forgiving. Which is one of the reasons for why I think that this set is perfect for beginner golfers.

Makers of this club set have realized that long irons were too hard to hit, so they looked for alternatives and found hybrids to be a good one. Hybrid that comes with this set has stainless steel head and is designed to be easy to hit for beginners. Irons, on the other hand, are optimized for accuracy, but designers didn’t sacrifice forgiveness while aiming to make precise golf irons. Material used to make these irons is stainless steel. I have nothing but praise for the putter. It is easy to shoot and deadly accurate, just as you’d want from a putter.

Tour Edge Bazooka 260 Review

This version is different from 360 one in few important ways. First of all, it’s significantly cheaper, but surprisingly, Tour Edge managed to make this version cheaper without sacrificing even an inch of quality or performance of the clubs. As I’ve mentioned before, Bazooka 360 set is one of the best bargains for beginners right now, but this set offers even more value for the price. Don’t get me wrong, when compared without regard to price, 360 is definitely the superior one. On the other hand, when you’re limited in budget and want the best value for your money, no other option compares to Tour Edge Bazooka 260.  This set is advertised as having 15 pieces, but the actual number of clubs is 11. You shouldn’t let that discourage you though, because I think 11 clubs are more than enough for a beginner and even intermediate golfer.

Oversized 460cc driver included in this set is great for golfers of all sorts, but especially for beginners. That’s because the titanium matrix driver is designed to be extremely forgiving and promote long shots. Likewise, because of its low-CG design, 3-wood is easy to hit and more accurate than most. Just like the 360 version, this set includes a hybrid in place of long iron. Tour Edge’s r&d team also did a very good job with design and manufacturing of irons that are included in this set. They are forgiving and extremely accurate, just as you’d expect from Tour Edge irons. Putter is also accurate, mainly thanks to its handy design.

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