Top 7 Best Golf Gloves on Market

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Here our goal is to give you a run through of the Top 7 Best Golf Gloves on the market that provides the ultimate feel and fit. These Golf Gloves recommendations will hopefully enhance your hands contact with the club and therefore give you greater confidence to make the best swing you can.

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golf-glove-on-handAmateurs usually think that golf is not very demanding sport when it comes to hand wear. Some golfers even prefer not to wear gloves at all. But if you’ve ever been in rainy or cold conditions, you might know about significance of using warm and comfortable golf gloves. Or you might want better grip for swing improvement. Actually, the secret of perfect swing is a light, relaxed grip – so there’s less pressure on your arms, and you can swing freely. It’s odd, but such small and sometimes cheap golf gloves can improve your golfing experience. According to many various golf expert’s reviews, most of the golfers who don’t wear gloves suffer from blisters and calluses. Not using good pair of  leather golf gloves can cause you way more issues – first of all, you won’t be able to play golf out in the cold, unless you have special golf gloves for winter. Some customer reviews even state, that their clubs last longer while wearing best golf gloves for their needs.

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Improving golf clubs durability is debatable, but everyone agrees that for a perfect swing, you need to wear best golf gloves depending on your needs. Identifying your priorities is the most important part in process of picking best pair of golf gloves for yourself : What for do you need them? And if it turns out that you have several goals, you might need to buy more than one pair of gloves.

If you like to play in rainy or cold days, you’ll need golf gloves that are thick enough to keep your hands warm, waterproof and have good grip for wet conditions. When it comes to warmth, materials are very important. Sometimes, in winter, when temperature comes near Zero (F) , it becomes really hard task for gloves to defend your fingers from freezing, but some gloves with inner layers and cushioning might handle it. Of course, it will reduce dexterity and feel, but it will still be facilitation for people who like playing golf all the time regardless of cold weather or rain. Speaking about rain, picking best golf gloves for rainy conditions might be easy, but somehow expensive. Just like warm golf gloves, they require high quality materials. First feature you need to make sure glove has – is wet weather grip. While playing golf in wet environment, wearing gloves that are waterproof is crucial part of golfing as well. If you are too lazy to look for best rain golf gloves on the market, we picked one for you, and you can find it’s review below in this article.

If you happen to play golf in summer, and you want to wear your gloves – here are some tips you need to know before taking any pair of golf gloves with you. First of all, they need to be breathable, unless you want to start sweating after a few minutes of wearing. Wearing uncomfortable gloves that does not keep your hands fresh and dry might cause you to get tired very soon and stop golfing early. But some good leather golf gloves have special design, with breathable materials and complementing natural closure of your hand for better flexibility and more comfortable fit. Some products ( For example, Bionic StableGrip Golf Gloves ) have pads located between your joints for better flexibility, and breathable areas to avoid sweating hot-spots on your hand. We’ve listed and reviewed these gloves in the last part of our article.

If you’re looking basic golf gloves that will be durable, comfortable and will make your swing better, your task seems easy, because almost all of the golf or sports gloves descriptions claim to have these traits, but don’t believe blindly, usually none of them do. To pick best golf gloves that you need, reading that particular golf glove reviews is essential. If you’re too lazy to read all of  them manually, we’ve listed 7 Best gloves for golfers with small comprehensive reviews below in this article.

Most of the golfers agree, that the most important part of buying golf gloves, is choosing right fit for you. Fit plays very important role in another important characteristic you need – comfortableness. Wearing gloves that are not fit or uncomfortable for you will lead to tiredness and lack of energy. And last but not least : feel. As a customer, you need to make sure that pair of golf gloves you buy, won’t make your golfing experience worse by reducing connection to the club and feel of it. Concentrating on quality of your grip is essential part of improving your swing by using best golf gloves for you.

And one more tip : don’t be cheap. Nowadays, market is overcrowded with cheap products, that are made of cheap materials or are made outside US, which usually drives us to ripped gloves very soon, and you need to pay one more time. Instead of following this order, customer should realize that in the long run, buying cheap golf gloves costs you more. Experienced golfers buy good leather golf gloves made of high quality materials and great design, by trusted sports good brands and with gorgeous looks, and they last for several seasons. To sum up, buying golf gloves depending on only one of these components can be a waste of money. It’s combination of all these features that makes these gloves best for golfing.

We have researched Pro’s and Con’s of all the products available in this market, and listed Top 7 golf gloves below in this article, with quick comprehensive reviews.



womens dura feelPretty inexpensive, high quality and durable golf glove by Nike. Dura Feel glove is perfect for anyone looking for affordable and quality glove. This glove uses perforated panels to keep your hands dry and sweat free even in hot summer days. Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for On course or Off course activity. Please note, that this glove is made of synthetic leather, so if you are looking for classic leather golf gloves, i would not recommend getting these. Available in many different customized sizes, including Cadet ( For short fingers ) Size. This is one of the best basic golf gloves on the market right now.

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footjoy wintersoft

With perfect grip for cold and wet weather, these are really great example of perfect golf gloves for harsh weather. If you have problems with golfing in winter, or your fingers and fingertips easily freeze, we recommend these as Wintersof gloves are warm enough for comfortably playing on the golf course or doing off – course activities. And according to Footjoy, they are water resistant as well. Being available in different sizes ( S – XXL ) , customer reviews complain that these run a little large. While they are not the cheapest winter golf gloves on the market, you get what you pay for.

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raingrip footjoyIf you suffer from performance decrease in cold conditions, these gloves are truely essential for you. And thanks to it’s wet weather grip, your clubs won’t slip and your hands will be warm forever while wearing these. Made of quick – drying special material, you won’t keep your hands under risk of getting wet and cold. Being pretty snug and warm, with RainGrips you will still have great connection with clubs while playing. Even though these have solid online rating, customers still complain about them running small in size. To sum up, RainGrips one of the best Footjoy golf gloves ever ever made.

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cabretta callaway
Cabretta gloves are the best mix of quality, versatility and reasonable price. These leather golf gloves are not only super comfortable and have great feel, but have good looking design as well. And considering price tag of 3 gloves in unit, these are one of the cheapest golf gloves you can buy. Even though these are made of quality materials and designed for enhanced comfort, i would not recommend to use them in extreme cold or warm weather. And even though i’m sure these gloves were made with value in mind, super durability and several years of use are not guaranteed.

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nike dura feelThis golf glove is quite like the first one in this list – it’s super comfortable and gorgeous, but there is one difference – Nike designed these for women. Women’s Dura Feels are perfect to use in all four seasons : it’s lycra spandex will defend you from sweating and will keep your hands relaxed, and synthetic leather will resist cold in winter. For enhanced customer comfort, this glove has velcro snap in order to make task of taking them off easier and quicker. And regarding to durability, Nike products are long lasting, and this glove is not an exception.

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dynagrip golf glove

One of the most popular men’s golf gloves on the market. The fact, that it has been worn by several PGA tournament winners, makes it obvious that this glove’s value is unbeatable. It’s entirely made of long lasting, high quality Cabretta leather. Probably that’s the reason of its great fit and top notch feel while wearing. While wearing, these are pretty comfortable, don’t tire your arms and will keep them relaxed instead. You can even use these as rain golf gloves, as they claim to resist moisture from leaking. These gloves are pretty basic for casual golfer, but if you consider it’s price tag, it’s best golf glove for the money.

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