Best Golf Umbrellas in 2020

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Don’t sweat it! Every golfer needs some guidance in finding the best golf products, in this case Golf Umbrellas. On a rainy day scoring is nearly impossible if you are playing with wet grips and waterlogged bag. Here we’ll review some of the best Golf Umbrellas in 2020 for your game and budget.

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If you are one of those people who like to spend time on golf course in spite of uncomfortable weather, then you need adequate golf gear in order to keep playing golf without worrying about getting sick. Because of golfers complaining about poor golf umbrellas on market today, i decided to clarify a few things about choosing umbrellas for golfing.



Usually the purpose of using umbrellas is to cover yourself or your accessories. So you need to determine how large umbrella you’ll need to keep everything out from rain, wind, or too much light.  Golf umbrellas’ arc sizes can vary from 30 to 70 inches in length. But keep in mind that advertised arc sizes do not match actual diameter sizes, and if you want to know edge to edge size, check out customer reviews on amazon or our top 7 umbrella reviews provided below.

As you’ll probably carry umbrella every time you go golfing, it’s highly advisable to buy lightweight and portable one. It will save you loads of energy in the long run. But you need to make sure lighter weight is not accomplished by shortcomings. For example, having double canopy layers is essential for enhanced water and wind resistance. Having extra canopy layer will reduce chances of getting your umbrella flipped inside out. Materials used to build particular umbrella play huge role as well. In my opinion, it’s high quality materials along with great design and good fabrics, which make these products worth buying. For instance, having good, rubberized handle with high level of traction is very important to prevent golf umbrella i've owned

If you like to automate things, you should consider getting golf umbrella that opens and closes automatically. Although, keep in mind that auto-close golf umbrellas might be pricey, so it might not be worth paying for. After all, you need auto open button to get your golf umbrella opened within seconds. Personally for me, closing it is not hurry, nor it requires much energy.

And the last advice. Don’t be cheap, you can’t buy high quality, sturdy golf umbrella for a few dollars. If you’re will, then you’ll probably end up buying 4 or 5 over the endurance of a decent golf umbrella. So you should get a high quality product to begin with.

And the last, but not the least : Looks and availability in different colors. Some people don’t pay attention to this, but i like to have variety of beautiful colors to choose.



Enjoying decent online rating, this umbrella is undoubtedly people’s favorite. Even though price seems high at the first glance, top notch materials and excellent craftsmanship makes it worth the money. Having canopy arc length of 52 inches , and edge to edge width of 47 inches, New Yorker umbrella is perfect for two persons, or 1 person and a golf bag. In spite of it’s light weight ( it weighs 24 oz ) , length in closed condition makes it unable to fit in smaller bags or pockets. But it can be stored in golf bag perfectly. Special micro-weave fabrics and Teflon water repellent system make the canopy hard to pass through by water or wind. LifeTek New Yorker comes with auto – open button, but you’ll have to close it manually. To sum up, this umbrella is best not only for golf, but business occasions and everyday use as well.


Claimed to handle 55 mph + winds, this is one of the safest and sturdiest golf umbrella on the market. Double layers of canopy allow wind to pass through without flipping it inside out. Unlike majority of other umbrellas, advertised 48 inches of size is actual diameter of this golf umbrella. In closed state, it’s 38 inches long. But just like majority, it does not have auto close button, only open. With two velcro closures, you’ll get your GustBuster on and protect yourself from forces of nature. With 48 inches of diameter, this umbrella will fully cover only one person and golf equipment. As you can see on the picture, handle is J shaped and made of wood, so it can be held comfortably and won’t slip unlike most of other cheap golf umbrellas out there. Being available in different colors, you can get customized style for your needs. Long story short, this is a great sturdy golf umbrella for the reasonable price.


This product is excellent example of affordable, but not “cheap” umbrella. Despite it’s low price tag, it’s as large as it gets, this product is spacey enough for 2 or even 3 people with their golf accessories. But only it’s not only size that matters, but construction technology and materials. Double layers of canopy enhance this umbrella’s rain and wind resistance. Fiberglass Ribs and Shaft enhance it’s stability and durability. Rubbery golf grip handle reduces chances of slipping. Length in closed condition is 40 inches, so it can perfectly fit in standard golf bag. To sum up, if you are limited in funds and want to get durable golf umbrella that will last , look no further.Various customer reviews state that this is the best golf umbrella for the money.


This product’s design is excellent mix of weather protection and discomfort minimization. Speaking of weather protection, double layer vented canopy makes this product absolutely wind and water proof. And it handles warm sun beams if needed. Arc sized 62 inches, this is one of the largest golf umbrellas on this list. Durable 14 mm fiberglass shaft and reinforced fiberglass ribs and spreaders make this umbrella even more reliable. Rubberized handle is secured not to slip and hold still. Being as lightweight as just 1.7 lbs, this item is highly portable as well. Size when closed – 38.5 inches. So it’s easy to carry and use at various occasions. Auto open button is present, so one  can cover itself within a seconds if unexpected circumstances happen. Procella golf umbrella is high quality, durable product which still has great value considering it’s somehow high price.


Sold under Ping’s renowned brand name, this golf umbrella seems overpriced at the first glance. But if you do research well enough, you’ll find out that it’s quality and value relate to its high price. With extra large arc length, ( 68 inches ) it can shelter two or even three persons if strong winds or rain come along. The “skeleton” of the umbrella is tough, fiberglass ribs make it almost impossible to turn inside out. Non-slippery rubber handle is present, to make sure you hold it tight. Double layers of canopy are made of expensive waterproof material, assuring to withstand harshest forces of nature. Sometimes boring task of putting up golf umbrella simplified to require less efforts by button that opens it automatically. Before you ignore it because of it’s a little bit higher price, keep in mind that it is one of the best golf umbrellas on market right now manufactured by famous golf brand.


This product is impressively cheap unlike most of other products by renowned brands. In my opinion, with this product TaylorMade wanted to offer something affordable, but elegant and satisfying as well. Even though this doesn’t have double canopy layers, customers seem to enjoy it’s single nylon layer as well. With diameter of 60 inches, this is one of the largest golf umbrella on this list. In order to avoid slipping, TaylorMade made handle to have great traction and grip. But nothing’s perfect, so all these features come with shortcomings. For instance, this golf umbrella does not have auto open button, one has to open and close it manually. Neither it has fiberglass reinforced frame or other expensive materials. But it’s clear why it does not if you look at the price. To conclude, people who seek quality for a cheap price might find this golf umbrella the best.


Being designed in pink and black colors specially for ladies, this RainStoppers golf umbrella is good example of affordable and well built product. Having double layers of canopy, it will withstand strong winds or rain. Fiberglass ribs and shaft make sure it won’t turn inside-out when you need it most. Rubber handle makes process of holding it easier and gets rid of slipping and trouble caused by it. Arc is 54 inches long, so this RainStoppers umbrella can be perfect fit for one person with golf accessories or even two persons. When closed, it’s length reduces to 34 inches only, so it can be stored conveniently. But you’ll have to manually open and close it. Considering the price, this umbrella can be perfect pick for any women looking for high quality umbrella.

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