Best Golf Push Carts on Market Right Now

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If you want to save some energy and your back, walking with a push cart is the way to go. Keep in mind that there is no shortage of available options on Amazon. To make your selection easier, we found some of the best Golf Push Carts on the market that are well suited for your game and budget.

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best golf push cartsConsidering you are reading this article, you’ve realized that walking is much more healthier and cheaper way to move across the golf course compared to driving a cart. But it requires also requires energy and adequate golf gear to avoid discomfort during your visit at golf course. One of the most important equipment for walking on golf course is golf push cart. Having best golf push cart is essential, because walking with unsuitable golf push cart might cause you lack of energy and loads of other issues.
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When shopping for best golf pull cart for you, keep in mind that there is no perfect product for everyone. For example, some people have limited space and can’t store inconvenient items in their cars, others prefer golf push carts to be more functional but less portable. In order to choose best push golf trolley that will be your reliable companion for years, you need to determine your priorities. But first thing you need to make sure is that your golf bag is compatible and mountable on golf buggy.

If you love to carry beverages, snacks and lots of other stuff with you while walking, it’s highly advisable to get golf push cart with at least storage net, beverage, umbrella and ball holders. Carrying all these things including your bag, golf pull cart will require to have strong aluminum tubing as a base to withstand the weight. Aluminum is sturdy but lightweight material, so your push golf trolley will be smooth and easy to carry.

For tall golfers it is strictly recommended to get golf push cart with adjustable handle, so your height won’t get in the way while walking. When you lack space to store golf push cart with it’s accessories, you can buy golf push carts that are super small and thin when folded, but if you find something perfect product for you and it does not fit your requirements, i recommend to consider freeing some space and still buying it.

While process of folding and unfolding is problem with most cheap, low quality golf push carts, some rare products offer button for automatizing this process. They cost more, but if you are very concerned about this, it is an option. But even though some products don’t have this feature, their assembly speed is remarkable and if you don’t mind spending less than a minute on this, there is no need to spend a fortune for auto folding feature.

To find high quality product in crowd of crappy ones is not easy, but best golf push cart brands are usually worth trusting. They are a little more pricey, but in long run, buying cheap golf buggy might cost you more. Most products manufactured by famous brands also have feature to mount accessories, which will enrich that particular golf push cart’s functions. If you are too lazy to do the research and trust us enough to pick best golf pull carts for you, find out which are top products in the last part of this article.


  1. It’s cheaper – whether you buy your own or rent golf cart on course, it costs decent amount of money to ride. If you’ve decided to buy one, you must keep in mind that except the actual retail price, you’ll have to pay for fuel, insurance and other basic maintenance costs. I highly advise not to obviate getting insurance, because if you get in accident ( and recently number of golf car accidents is rising ) it will cost you fortune. Instead all these headaches, we recommend getting nice foldable golf push carts. :)
  2. It’s healthier – Walking on golf course will have very good impact on your health and vitality, driving golf cart won’t have any. At first you might feel tired, but after some time your knees will get used to it and process of walking will bring you pleasure. As walking can be considered as cardio exercise, it will help you lose weight as well. But i would not solely rely on walking, you have to do some other cardio exercises as well.
  3. Hassle free – Like i mentioned above, owning golf cart will acquire you nothing but liabilities. But owning lightweight foldable push cart which can be stored anywhere in your car will make your golfing experience simpler and more entertaining.



Nice, basic golf push cart for affordable price. Don’t expect anything spectacular, but is perfect for people who want cheap, functional and portable golf push cart to satisfy their basic needs. With adjustable bag holders, you can be assured that any golf cart – whether it is cart bag, stand bag or regular golf bag, will fit in this. CaddyTek SuperLite has enough space and holders to carry the most frequently used golf accessories. Handle is adjustable, so taller people can customize it’s length for perfect fit. According to customer reviews, process of assembling is time saving and it becomes very portable when folded. To sum up, this golf push cart’s popularity speaks itself about it’s quality. Even though this is not something advanced, it offers everything that other products offer, but for far cheaper price.


Being one of the most popular golf pull cart, this golf cart deserves sympathy because of it’s sturdy design and trustworthy structure. For example, airless high quality tires and aluminum tubing make this golf cart very hard to go out of order. But perfection requires sacrifice, but for some people, sacrifice might not be an issue. First of all, this thing is heavier than other golf push carts on market, weighing 18 lbs. Second, because of it’s big sturdy looks and structure, it does not fold up very small. According to customer reviews, when folded, it is almost the same size as suitcase. But i think so many great features are worth the sacrifice. Plenty of storage for beverages, umbrella or extra lid for anything else. As expected from famous golf push carts manufacturer, wide variety of extra accessories can be installed.


One of the sturdiest golf push carts on market. Solid structure and strong airless tires makes this golf push cart ideal for people who want to pay for quality item that will last several seasons. Compartments for beverages, canvas type holder, adjustable umbrella holder and other various add-ons. Whether you are shorter or taller than regular height, with CaddyTek EZ you can always adjust handle to your preference. It’s unique feature – button that folds the cart in 2 simple steps – makes this product even more exceptional. Once folded, it becomes very compact so can be carried easily. To sum up, this product has way more features than others in low price range. With such functionality and low price, it’s indeed best golf push cart for the money.


The most functional and durable golf push cart on the market. With this product, clicgear decided to take step ahead of its competitors and create something new and top notch quality. Aluminum tubing and four airless tires enhance the sturdy feel when holding it. Large console with magnetic lid provides free space for balls and other minor accessories. Beverage and Cup holders are included. Very simple to assembly and fold, and becomes very compact when folded. It weighs only 18 lbs, so carrying it in closed condition or moving across the golf course is smooth and easy. Adjustable bag straps make this golf push cart compatible with any regular golf bags, whether they are large, stand bag or cart bag. If you don’t mind to spend a little more money you would spend on other basic golf pull carts, ClicGear 8.0 is as good as it gets.


With it’s entirely different structure, this golf cart still remains one of the most popular golf push carts on market. It’s aluminum frame, which is used as a base for golf bag, is strong and sturdy, so if used properly, it won’t get rusty or broken at least for several years. According to customer reviews, with it’s strong two pairs of wheels, excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials, this golf pull cart feels very solid and because of it’s perfect balance and traction, requires significantly less energy to use. If you carry a lot of things, that’s another reason to buy this golf push cart. It’s basket with built-in cooler and storage net will have enough space to store anything you want. For extra comfort, you can use umbrella holder as well. While the process of folding is automatized by button, when folded, it gets very compact and easy to carry.

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The 5 Best Golf Push Carts

If you’re looking for a golf push cart to reduce strain on your back, I don’t blame you. I made the switch from carrying to pushing a cart and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. It helps you stay energized while allowing you to soak up the beauty of the course at walking pace. I’ve rounded up some of the best golf push carts available right now to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

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