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Best intermediate golf clubs – Buying Guide


Quick Reviews : 

Callaway Strata Tour Set

Quality of Clubs

Low price of this set precludes the use of expensive materials, but otherwise, Strata Tour set is very well built.

Value for the Money

Callaway somehow managed to pack incredible set of clubs in this set that sells for fairly low price.

Golf Clubs

Clubs included in this set are very good, but again, because of low price, they are not top notch.

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Quick Comparison

Cobra Golf XL Speed Golf Set

Cobra Men’s XL Set

Quality of Clubs

Cobra managed to put clubs of excellent quality in this set.

Value for the Money

Separately, these clubs would probably cost two or three times as much as they do as a set. Definitely great value at current price.

Golf Clubs

All the clubs – driver, woods, hybrids, irons and others – are some of the best of their class. 

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Pinemeadow PGX Set

Quality of Clubs

Quality of the clubs in this set are amazing, especially considering the price.

Value for the Money

PGX set is one of the best deals around. Even considering the fact that they don’t include driver or woods. 

Golf Clubs

They’re not top notch, but they won’t get in your way while having fun playing golf casually. 


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Transition from beginner golfer to intermediate one is rather inconspicuous process. There’s no line that you can cross to become experienced golfer, so people usually make the judgement themselves. There’s no clearly defined path to becoming intermediate golfer, either – except for taking golf lessons. All one can say for sure is, that with enough practice and trial, any person can reach this level quite easily. The lines between intermediate and expert golfers is rather blurred, so here’s what i mean by intermediate : your golf game isn’t perfect, you still make mistakes, but in contrast to the time when you began playing golf, you are more experienced and mistakes are rarer. Once you decide and notice that you’ve outgrown the golf gear that you bought as a beginner, that’s all the proof you need to consider yourself intermediate golfer.

How to pick best clubs for yourself as intermediate golfer

On the internet, you can find plenty of discussion and buying advice regarding beginners’ golf clubs. Expensive, top notch golf clubs get a lot of attention, too. People might not be able to buy them, but they like to compare them and determine which one’s the best. Pro golfer endorsements don’t hurt, either. But strangely enough, there’s not enough information about choosing best golf clubs for amateur golfers. Which is strange, because intermediate golfers are the biggest group of the three. Lack of guidance is probably because of the assumption that we know enough to make decisions on our own, but we can also all agree that seeing things from different perspective never hurts. So even if you have your heart set on certain clubs, reading reviews (like these quick overviews) should be essential part of making buying decision process.

Finding best intermediate golf clubs that will suit everyone’s needs is rather hard, but there’s one requirement all products must qualify for. Which is, that you shouldn’t be able to easily outgrow them. As time passes, you will become better at golf, and you want the kind of golf clubs that will be able to keep up the pace for years to come. Golf club sets are pretty expensive, and you don’t want to be buying new one once every year.


Don’t be cheap

Two hundred dollar golf club sets might have worked just fine when you were beginner, but once you get good at golf, you start to notice their flaws and playing with them becomes insufferable. Quality club sets for average golfers will cost 500$ and upwards, but if that seems too expensive for your budget, don’t worry – there’s always option of buying used clubs. I’m by no means an expert on picking good used clubs, but i’ve bought clubs on eBay several times and do have few tips to share. Always pay attention to seller’s rating and read what his/her previous customers had to say about him. If he has hundred or more mostly positive reviews, you’re most likely dealing with someone worth trusting. And the other is – to read description carefully, because sometimes honest sellers will write about defect or a flaw in description, but customers don’t read it, so they’re completely caught by surprise when the club actually arrives at their doorstep. You’ll save everyone major headache by carefully reading description to find out what condition the club is in and other important details.

Buying individual clubs vs golf club set

This one depends entirely on your situation. If your current club set is generally good, and it’s only one individual club that you don’t like, it’s probably smarter to just replace that one club and keep the rest. But if you bought one of those affordable club sets that are made for beginners, you’re probably struggling with the whole set, so it will be best to replace them all at once. I’ve tested and reviewed three of the best intermediate golf club sets that i could get my hands on below, so if the whole set is what you need, move on to that section. But if you’re looking for recommendations for buying one individual club, i’ll try my best to recommend some of my favorite individual clubs as well. If it’s the new putter you’re looking for, my two recommendations would be :   

  1. Huntington Beach putter from Cleveland – one of the best budget putters intermediate golfer can have. It’s pretty much as accurate as some top notch putters out there, while being priced at less than half their price. If you’re looking for value for the money, this putter simply can’t be beat.
  2. Odyssey 2018 model by Callaway – granted, it costs a lot more than Cleveland putter, but i’ve played with this putter recently and let me tell you, it is magnificent. It’s only slightly better than the first one, but if you’re looking for perfect putter and aren’t concerned about the high price – get this.

For the irons, my recommendation would be to stick with game improvement iron set. Most of these cost a lot, so there isn’t really a budget-friendly option that i can recommend. But you can always buy used. With that said, few months back i’ve had pleasure of playing with Callaway’s Rogue Irons, and they were most forgiving irons i’ve ever played with. (Although i have reviewed top clubs for intermediate golfers, some of which are iron sets)

For driver, i’m going to recommend the driver that i actually own and use frequently – King F7 driver by Cobra. It is a newly released driver, but all products from their F series are good. I’ve had F6 before this one, and sold it on craigslist as soon as F7 came out. It has adjustable loft, which is important when your game is still developing and your priorities change. I play at 10 degree loft and this is the driver that allows my shots to have perfect combination of distance and accuracy.  


Best intermediate golf clubs in 2020 – Reviews


Callaway Men’s Strata Tour Complete Golf Set

This club set is from Callaway Strata series, which is an affordable club set line for beginners, but one, being the most expensive of all, is actually pretty good for intermediate players. It comes with 12 clubs, which gives you necessary variety to utilize your full potential, and clubs themselves aren’t cheap as you’d expect from budget line. It also comes with lightweight, durable and stylish stand bag, which is worth a lot in its own right. Overall, i think this is the best intermediate golf clubs for the money.

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Cobra 2017 Golf Men’s Fly Z S Complete Set

This set is my favorite, and objectively best quality golf club set for average golfers right now. It includes 12 clubs, all of which have graphite shafts and you can just tell they’re well built using quality materials. First time i played with this set, it instantly improved my average score. It wasn’t significant increase, but my set is pretty good in its own right, so if you’re switching from some decade-old club set to this one, you’ll feel the difference instantly. It’s probably the design of the clubs, which, you can tell are masterfully designed by just looking at them. This set also comes with incredible cart bag.

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Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Set

Granted, this isn’t a full club set, but at it’s current price, it’s a great bargain so i was tempted to include it here anyway. This is set of 8 clubs – driver, 3-wood, one hybrid, and the rest of the clubs – five of them – are irons. Driver and 3 wood come with graphite shafts, which is important, especially for driver. The rest – come with steel shafts, but still don’t disappoint. Unlike the rest of the sets of this list, this set doesn’t come with the bag, or putter for that matter. But considering how much money you’ll be saving by buying it, you can afford to buy any golf bag you want. Headcovers for hybrid, wood and driver are included.

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