The Best Hybrid Iron Sets

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If you're a player who struggles to hit your irons, you might be considering taking them out of the bag and investing in some hybrid irons. Hybrid irons offer a little more support in terms of launch and are generally easier to hit than regular irons. I for one am a strong believer that we should be trying to make the game of golf as easy as possible! So in this article, I'll be bringing you my round-up of some of the best hybrid iron sets around.

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⭐️ Overview

I found that the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons are the best hybrid iron set around. This is because they offer high ball speeds, improved distance, and fantastic forgiveness. If you’re in the market for a couple of hybrids to replace your long irons, I’d recommend checking the Ping G425 hybrids and crossover irons out. They’re highly forgiving and super versatile from a variety of lies.


Background on hybrids and hybrid iron sets

Hybrids have really surged in popularity over the past decade or so. Some golfers choose to replace just a few irons with hybrids, while others switch out their whole set of irons and replace them with an entire hybrid irons set.

Many people choose to game irons that aren’t suited for them when they’d be much better suited to a hybrid iron club. Part of this is probably down to ego but for many, they don’t understand the benefits that can come from gaming a hybrid iron set.

Hybrid iron sets are in my opinion, an amateur golfer’s BEST friend.

This is because they are one of the most versatile clubs you could put in your bag. They offer far more forgiveness than regular irons. Thanks to a center of gravity that’s pushed way back, you can achieve better launch and consistency with off-center strikes.

Due to the extra launch on offer, they can provide far better support from the rough. Regular irons often get caught up in the rough where a hybrid can glide right through it.

In the next section, I’ll be reviewing my favorite full sets of hybrid irons. Later in the article, I’ll make a few recommendations for those of you who just want to add one or two hybrids to your bag rather than a full set.

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⛳️ - Do pros use hybrid irons?

Yes, professional golfers love hybrids just as much as amateur golfers. Some of the world’s most talented golfers see the benefits that hybrids can bring to their game. In fact, in 2020 Dustin Johnson was carrying two hybrids in the bag!

Best hybrid iron sets

If you’re looking to switch out your current irons and invest in a set of hybrid irons, you’re in the right place. I’ve rounded up some of the best hybrid iron sets that will all offer you forgiveness, distance, and confidence when you’re standing over those daunting shots praying to make good contact.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons - [Best Overall]

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First on the list, we’ve got the Cleveland Launcher HB turbo irons. These are a set of clubs that are designed to do two things, produce high ball speeds and give you a ton of forgiveness.

The turbocharged face means that each iron in the set has a high-strength steel face that’s designed to be hot, producing high balls speeds, and offering plenty of distance. If you’re looking for a club that’s super forgiving, the irons have a hollow construction that is combined with internal stabilizing ribs to produce amazing forgiveness.

If you struggle to launch the ball, you’ll be pleased to hear that the HiBore Crown allows weight to be kept deep and low, which can only result in one thing; a nice easy high ball flight. Something that I personally think will benefit a lot of golfers is the progressive shaping which easily allows you to transition between long and short irons seamlessly.

Thanks to the technology on offer these have to be one of the easiest sets of irons to hit on the market. If you’re looking for a set of hybrid irons that scream launch, forgiveness and distance look no further than Cleveland’s HB Turbo irons.

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Wilson Staff Launch Pad Hybrid Irons - Great for Beginners

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If you’ve read any of my other articles involving Wilson Staff products, you’ll know I think that they’re a very underrated golf brand. These clubs have been on my radar for some time and when I was planning this article I just knew that these had to make the list.

They offer a Launch Pad Sole which is designed to help you to improve your interaction with the turf. A wide sole is key to this and means there’s less chance of chunking your shot. Another feature that also improves forgiveness and heightens ball speed is the club’s hollow construction, a common feature of many great hybrid iron sets.

In my opinion, the fact that the sole is designed to reduce heavy shots is a major selling point. I think this feature is a great choice for people who are just taking up golf and I consider these to be the best hybrid iron set for beginners.

Whether you’re new to golf or just want to improve your contact with the ball I’d recommend trying out the Launch Pad irons, they’re a very underrated set of clubs that could have you hitting a long ball with confidence in no time.

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COBRA T-Rail Hybrids - [Best for High Swing Speed]

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Cobra are getting a lot of attention at the moment and for all the right reasons. This excellent set of hybrid irons are nothing less than you’d expect from one of golf’s most talked-about brands.

The thing that I love about these irons is that Cobra’s hugely popular Baffler Rails make an appearance. These have been used for years on Cobras woods, but their use on the hybrid irons means they’ll offer great interaction with the turf and stability no matter what your lie is.

In terms of construction, the hybrid-shaped clubs have an iron face with a hollow design which helps you achieve faster ball speeds, more overall distance and excellent forgiveness. This is down to a deep center of gravity that doesn’t just promote forgiveness; it offers launch with ease.

The forged steel face with E9 technology has a thin pocket across the clubface which encourages high ball speed and promotes distance on off-center hits. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer looking for a little more forgiveness from your irons, this set of clubs is tremendous. They’re fast, forgiving, and help you hit the ball straight, what’s not to love?

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Adams IDEA Hybrid Iron Set - [Best Budget Option]

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Last on the list of hybrid iron sets but by no means least we’ve got the IDEA hybrid irons from Adams. These feature Cut-Thru Slot technology which is designed to provide extra distance through high ball speeds, as well as forgiveness when you don’t strike the ball well.

The club’s sweet spot is increased by up to 44% in size, so it’s easy to see why they’re so forgiving.

The set configuration means that the long irons get replaced by hybrids that are simple to hit, the regular irons bridge the gap between the longer irons and shorter scoring clubs. This helps golfers transition between the irons in their bag effortlessly.

On the whole, this is a solid set of hybrid irons that are suited for all levels of golfer. Essentially anyone looking for a little extra forgiveness will take a liking to these hybrid irons.

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Best individual hybrid clubs

If you’re not looking for an entire set of hybrid irons, but struggle to hit your long irons you might be considering introducing just a couple of hybrids to your bag. In this section, I’ve rounded up some of the best hybrids on the market that you might find a little easier to hit than long irons.

Ping G425 hybrid - best hybrid overall

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This is the latest (as of 2021) hybrid model released by Ping and builds on the success of the previous G400 and G410 models. If there’s one thing Ping is known for, it’s their excellent forgiveness especially any time the club in question has a “G” in the name.

This club benefits from Facewrap technology which is a high-strength extension of the steel face into both the crown and sole. This development will provide an increase in flexing and help promote higher ball speeds, which encourages more overall distance.

“Spinistency” is another feature that helps the club to deliver predictable spin. After testing from the PING Man robot, as well as player testing there has been distance improvements as a direct result of this technology. 

To help improve MOI, there’s a tungsten sole weight which adds plenty of forgiveness. Something which I’m impressed with is the new 3-dot alignment aid helping you to address the ball and line up your shot.

With the introduction of the G425 comes the Arccos Caddie Smart Grip, which if you’re a tech nerd like me you may have already heard of. This system utilizes a sensor to record and track your shots in conjunction with the Arccos app. This allows you to evaluate your game with analytical data so you can make more informed decisions in the future.

All in all, with the Ping G425 Hybrids you’re getting a hugely forgiving hybrid that takes advantage of the latest technology to promote distance and uses smart technology to help you analyze your game. This is in my opinion the most forgiving and best overall hybrid on our list of Hybrid iron sets.

If you prefer more of an iron shape over a traditional hybrid, it’s definitely worth checking out the Ping G425 crossover irons too.

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SIM2 hybrid - tour player approved

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Next on the list, we’ve got the SIM2 hybrid from Taylormade. What’s great about this choice of clubs is that two different models have been introduced the Max Rescue, and the regular Rescue.

The SIM2 Max hybrid is a club that’s designed to give everyone the help they need from a hybrid. It’s their most forgiving club which I think makes it an awesome choice for amateur golfers with mid to high handicaps.

The Max Rescue has a sole design that distributes weight in order to provide extra launch as well as forgiveness which are features that would definitely help most amateur golfers. The depressed toe and heel allow you to improve your interaction with the ground and makes the club easier to use from a variety of lies. 

With a face made from C300 steel, you get an increase in ball speed, and as expected the clubs feature Twist Face technology to help improve your accuracy when you don’t strike it out the middle.

For the better ball-strikers out there, you’ll favor the regular Rescue model. It’s designed to be more workable for shot shaping and has been designed with input from some of Taylormade’s biggest tour players, including world number one at the time of writing Dustin Johnson.

Overall the Taylormade SIM2 hybrid sets offer options for every level of golfer. They make use of the latest and greatest technology and were also designed with the help of top-level golfers. These are excellent options for anyone looking for a hybrid fit for the best of the best.

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Cobra Radspeed hybrid - best for speed

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Cobra has built on their previous Speedzone model with the all-new Radspeed Hybrids. The previous model was one of my favorite hybrids, so it’s safe to say I was excited to see that Cobra were bringing out a new model.

What I love about the Cobra hybrids that I’ve tried so far is the fact that you get to use all the latest technology, at a price point that’s slightly lower than its competitors. You also get a choice of a standard length option as well as a one-length version the same length as a 7 iron.

If you’ve read my review of the Cobra Radspeed driver you’ll notice that lots of the same technology has been adopted for the hybrid. You get the Radial weighting, which strategically places weight to offer forgiveness, optimal spin and distance.

The interesting thing about the Radspeed hybrid is that they’ve actually matched the forged faces that are used on their irons. This gives their players an excellent feel and makes it really easy to transition between using hybrids and irons which is something many players struggle with.

You also get the Arccos technology that allows you to analyze and track your game through your smartphone which has seemingly become a standard part of the package when you buy Cobra clubs.

All in all, this is a highly recommended hybrid that boasts amazing technology at a price point that might just catch your attention. If you’re looking for a hybrid that promotes speed and distance at an affordable price look no further than the Cobra Radspeed hybrids.

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Using hybrid irons

So now that you’re familiar with some of the best hybrid golf clubs around, chances are you want to know a little more about hybrids so you can decide whether or not to try them out. This section of the article should explain everything you need to know about using hybrids and iron hybrid sets.

️⛳️ Benefits of using hybrid golf clubs

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might want to put a hybrid in the bag.

High launching

Due to hybrids having their center of gravity pushed way to the back. Naturally, hybrids encourage a higher launching ball flight. This is fantastic for players who struggle to generate the clubhead speed required to get a good amount of launch with their irons. This can be hugely helpful when you’ve got to clear high objects such as trees.

Easy to hit

This comes hand in hand with the previous point. Due to the center of gravity being shifted towards the back and high launch encouraged, hybrid clubs are generally easier to hit. This is because they require less swing speed to achieve launch so you can use a much smoother swing and achieve respectable levels of distance.

Many players struggle with long irons because they’re so difficult to launch high. This means people tend to swing a little bit harder than they should and make poor contact with the ball. With the extra weight behind the clubhead, hybrids are also much more forgiving than long irons.

Hugely versatile

One of the major advantages of gaming a hybrid iron rather than a traditional long iron is their versatility. Plenty of players know what hybrids are, but don’t entirely understand the full list of scenarios that you can actually make use of a hybrid.

To help you fully understand just how versatile hybrid golf clubs are, I’ve broken down each scenario that they can be used in below:

Off the tee

Hybrids are actually a fantastic alternative to hitting your driver or 3 wood off the tee. Many players shy away from hitting a iron off the tee however when you replace your irons with a hybrid iron set using them off the tee becomes a much more viable option.

Course management is in my view, one of the most important parts of golf. Depending on fast you swing a club you could hit a hybrid iron anywhere up to to 230 yards.

Let’s imagine you’re playing a hole where you have water trouble short, but bunkers surrounding the area where you could hit your driver and 3 wood. Most amateur golfers would be worried about topping their tee shot into the water with an iron, but ending up in the bunkers with their driver or 3 wood.

Gaming a hybrid iron would give you the confidence to clear the water and peace of mind knowing that even if you smoke one, you still wouldn’t end up in the bunkers.

Investing in a set of hybrid irons can give you another “go-to” tee shot.

Approach shots

When you’re making a long approach to the green, long irons can be a really difficult club to manage especially for us amateurs. I switched my 4 iron out for a hybrid because it’s my 190-200 yard club. This is a distance I often need for approaches, and due to my 4 iron being low launch I’d often run through the back of the green.

The beauty with hybrids is that they offer you a much higher launch, which means that the ball can come down and land far more softly. The increased apex for your ball flight means that when the ball does come down, the greens are likely to be much more receptive and likely to let the ball stick.

It would be similar to hitting a flat-out wedge vs a punched 8 iron into a green, the wedge is likely to go much higher and come down softly and your punched 8 iron will probably just run off the back of the green.

Out of the rough

If you find yourself in the rough thanks to a poor tee shot, chances are you probably still have a considerable amount of distance to cover before you get to the green. If you’re in the long iron range, chances are you’re going to have a difficult time pulling off the shot you’d like, especially if you’ve got a poor lie.

Due to the nature of irons when you’re playing a shot from the rough your strike usually suffers because the amount of thick grass that gets between the ball and the clubface. This is where a hybrid iron can be a lifesaver.

Due to the weight being pushed back in the clubhead you’ll find that a hybrid iron is far better equipped to play long-range shots out of the rough. Hybrids can easily glide through grass, and thanks to the center of gravity they’re able to get the ball launching higher helping you achieve more distance, and avoid potential obstacles such as trees that long irons wouldn’t clear.

Essentially when you’re in the rough a long iron would take a tremendous amount of clubhead speed and precision to achieve the same ball flight that can be quite easily achieved with a hybrid iron.

Around the green

Believe it or not, hybrid irons can actually help with your chip shots in and around the greens. You’re probably wondering how a club that I’ve just said can fly 200 yards could be delicate enough for you to play your chips shots with but hear me out.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in sticky situations around there green, you’ve got a bit of rough between you and the green, but don’t want to play a high lob shot and feel that you might not make great contact with a wedge. On the flip side, if you were to just putt the ball it would undoubtedly get caught up in the rough and never reach the green.

Your hybrid is a fantastic choice of club when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to chip or putt the ball.

In terms of form you need to be gripping your hybrid iron like a putter, making a small controlled back and through motion as you would with your putting stroke. You can then play a delicate shot using the hybrids loft to pop the ball up and get it bouncing through the rough and as it reaches the green it will release up to the hole.

This can take some time to get used to and it’s a shot that needs practicing but it’s incredibly stress-free once you’ve mastered it. When someone first suggested I should try this shot I thought it was a little weird, but after learning it and seeing so many tour pros using it on the TV it’s amazing that you don’t see more amateur golfers using their hybrid irons for chipping around the green.

If you're wondering whether you're the type of player who should use a hybrid iron, it's probably a good idea to assess your game and see if the benefits of putting one in your bag would be warmly welcomed.


Often people associate hybrids with higher handicap players and think that once you reach a certain level of proficiency that you should be using long irons. I would argue with this point of view and believe that gaming a hybrid iron set or even just a few hybrids can be beneficial for players of all abilities.


I've got high handicap friends who love their hybrid iron sets, and my club pro also uses one instead of a 3 iron. Not to mention the heaps of tour players you see on TV using hybrids. For some people a long iron just doesn't suit their game, it's really that simple. On the flip side, some people try using hybrids but much prefer having a long iron in the bag.


Really it comes down to understanding the benefits that I discussed earlier, understanding how versatile hybrids are assessing whether you think hybrids would suit your game better than traditional irons. I personally see the benefit in using both regular irons and iron hybrids, if you struggle to hit your irons at all then trying a hybrid set might be a wise move.

Hybrid Golf Clubs Concluded

So, we’ve given you a list of great hybrid golf clubs, explained the benefits of using them and outlined which scenarios on the course you should use them for. At this point you should have a pretty good idea of the benefits a hybrid club can bring to your own game.

If you do decide to invest in hybrid iron golf clubs, it may take some time to get used to them and I’d recommend taking them to the driving range for a session before heading out onto the course with them. This will allow you to get a feel for the new clubs and hopefully by the time you make your way onto the course you’ll find them easy to hit.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of hybrid iron sets and hope that if you do invest in a set, they bring you many birdie opportunities!

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