Best Hybrid Iron Sets

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If you are a golf enthusiast and your fondness for hybrids runs deep, you may want to consider giving these hybrid iron sets a shot. If you’re in search for some new equipment this year, use our suggestions from all of our best hybrid iron sets to narrow your shortlist.

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Hybrid golf clubs are so popular right now that it seems hard to believe that first hybrids were made just about twenty years ago. Even with relatively short history of existence, they have proved themselves enough to earn a place in most golf bags. Beginners especially love them, but there are many experienced golfers who regularly carry a rescue club as well. 

The biggest draw that these type of clubs have is being easy to hit. Irons, especially the long irons, are notoriously hard to hit properly, which is why people decided to come up with an alternative. Hybrid clubs, which are the alternative, due to their beginner-friendliness, got extremely popular and displaced some of the irons in the golf bag. Granted, most pros don’t carry around more than one hybrid, but even the fact that they carry at least one shows that benefits of using hybrids is far-ranging and not limited to forgiveness of these clubs.

Beginner golfers usually struggle with launching golf balls high up in the air, especially when using irons. Hybrids tackle this problem very well, as their design is optimized for higher launch. So if weak launching is a thorn in your side, getting a hybrid might be the solution to your problem. Higher launches automatically mean longer distances, so it’s obvious how you can increase distance of your shots by using a hybrid. One thing to remember is that golf clubs can’t always solve all your problems, so if your distance doesn’t improve despite switching to a hybrid, seeing a golf instructor is definitely the key to getting better at this sport. 

In this guide, i will review and list some of the best hybrid iron sets. These are the club packages that include irons but make good use of hybrids as well. All golfers are different, but in general, i’d say that these clubs will be a great fit for newbie and intermediate golfers. These sets won’t be a very good match for golfers who have years of experience and have high swing speed and consistently score low. Keep in mind that i’m just generalizing and if you are experienced golfer who has problems with long irons, you can still benefit from using hybrids. It’s certainly a good idea to have at least one hybrid – rescue club – in your bag at all times. This is a type of club that can help you get out of rough spots on the golf course. 

Generally people agree that the best results are achieved by using irons and hybrids in tandem. That’s why the best hybrid iron sets i have listed here all include both types of golf clubs.  

What kind of golfers are hybrids made for?

The ideal candidate for using a hybrid iron set is golf who is high handicapper with slow swing speeds. Thanks to their game-improvement qualities, hybrids are very well-suited to solve both of these issues. Also, if you play with all your golf clubs pretty well, but have problem playing the irons, switching to hybrid/iron combo might be a cure for your headache. If you play your irons well, i wouldn’t switch anything up. Although there is a chance that using few hybrids instead of long irons might improve your results. 

It is worth noting that most golfers, and nearly all of the casual golfers, experience instantaneous improvement in their results after switching to hybrids. Thing is, figuring out some of the irons take too much of a time and nowadays, most people prefer to use hybrids instead of them.

Best Hybrid Iron Golf Club Sets in 2019

TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set

Newest release by TaylorMade. M6 Combo set is one of the best performing hybrid iron sets available right now. The brand famous for its speed pocket technology, has taken things even further with their new Speed Bridge build. Predecessor of this set – M4 combo – felt great in your hands, but with this set, folks at TaylorMade seem to have stepped up that aspect of hitting experience as well. Design of clubs in this set also seems centered around promoting higher launch, which is great news for beginner and intermediate golfers.  Inverted cone technology, which is prevalent among TaylorMade irons, increases speed of the balls hit with this set as well. Price of this hybrid iron set is certainly above average, but in my opinion, outstanding quality of golf clubs justifies the high cost. 

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

I think this hybrid iron set’s place on this list is justified by the fact that it is one of the best selling iron sets ever made. Design of this set is a work of beauty, both in terms of style and functionality. Inability to launch the ball high up in the air is the main problem for most beginner golfers, and design of this club is focused on solving exactly that. Golf clubs in this set are hollow, which allows for better perimeter weighting, which in turn increases forgiveness of a club. HiBore crown, a new technology that was incorporated into clubs of HB Iron set, further amplifies perimeter weighting advantages and increases forgiveness. These golf clubs feel great in your hands, and really are one of the best irons you can get at this price. 

Callaway Golf Men’s XR OS Combo Set 

I believe this set to be the finest hybrid iron set offered by Callaway right now. Center of gravity was moved further down and back, making these clubs much easier to hit. They are much easier to launch than most irons as well. Thanks to this promotion of higher launch and other tweaks in design, irons and hybrids in this set can send ball flying even further than Callaway clubs that came before them. Integrated hybrids in this set, which are intended to replace long irons, are excellent mix of simplicity and forgiveness. After a bit of playing with them, you can tell that these hybrids feel great and are optimized for distance and forgiveness. Overall, when it comes to price, this set falls somewhere in the middle between the other two sets on this list. The set is definitely great value for the money and contains some of the best clubs of their class.


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