The OGIO Nimbus Cart Bag – Is it the Lightest Bag on the Market?

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Could the OGIO Nimbus be the best cart bag on the planet? One thing is for sure, it's LIGHT! Check out our review of the Nimbus cart bag!

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In the category of lightweight and easy to carry golf bags the Ogio Nimbus bag definitely wins a laudable place, especially the newest version with a superior design.  It is a complete bag of all the goods you can expect in your golf bag.  It is spacious and well planned to organize your golf accessories. If you want to carry a cool drink with you while enjoying golf, it has all the necessary pockets. The convenience and ease of carrying will make you attached to it. post 14585 0 09517700 1435336521

Major Features of Ogio Nimbus Cart Bag

  • The full-length dividers are long enough to hold any kind of club. The side putter pit is an ideally placed pocket for easy and quick access.
  • Carrying this bag is as easy as carrying any other bag. Its four-point harness shoulder strap divides the weight equally so that you feel and remain hassle-free.
  • Its integrated handle is very convenient to pick up and move the bag around.
  • Six zippered pockets are very reliable and safe to store all the important things like mobile and wallet while playing.
  • Walking in the sun even while enjoying a great game is not that fun. Having a cool water bottle is a blessing. Ogio Nimbus cart bag provides an accessible water bottle holster so that respite is just a hand away.
  • The lightweight fabric used to make this cart bag is the reason to make it lightweight and easy to carry or pull for long durations on the court.

Benefits of Ogio Nimbus Cart Bag

  • The bag is very spacious with a number of pockets for different needs. It gives you an organized storage space to carry along on a golf course. You can access any item of your need in no time at all.
  • The bag is convenient for golf accessories and other required things because of the comfortable carry straps. Your clubs can be carried by securing them with the right straps. It makes the clubs placed angled upwards so that they don’t get damaged while being transported. The straps do not flap or loosen with this arrangement.
  • The velcro strap provided just near the bottom of the bag around the legs gives you the advantage of keeping the accessories safe in your bag. When the clubs are in good condition your game will be the best.

Ogio Nimbus Review Summary

This is a lightweight cart bag having all the right features that make it a good choice of accessories among successful golfers. It has spacious compartments that organize all the stuff you need on a golf course like a few clothes, rain hood, windcheaters, balls, gloves, quack medical needs, water bottle space, rangefinder etc. It is a well-balanced bag that is totally worth the price tag.

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