Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag Review

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If you are looking for a cart bag that is lightweight, sophisticated, and can accommodate all courses without bulkiness, Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag might be just what you need. Here I went through some of its features and the advantages of owning a Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag.

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Sun Mountain, a renowned name in sports accessories, ensures that their best product defines the new benchmark for its competitors. So, new 2018 version of C-130 is just outstanding. Let’s explore this best buy in golf accessories and waste no time in making a wise purchase.

Features of Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag

  • My favorite feature is that it comes with a huge count of fourteen individual club dividers to hold all your golfing needs. It is thoughtfully designed to hold and support the complete length of the clubs in its deep full length pockets.
  • The basic design of the bag is reverse-orientation top so that you don’t have to waste any time in picking up your clubs.
  • The pockets are not upwards facing but they face forward direction making it easy for you to make a choice from the safely stored clubs.
  • Many golf bags are a hassle when they have to be mounted or dismounted from the cart. Sun Mountain knows this flaw very well and so has added utility handles at the top to the bag for your convenience and comfort of putting on or taking off the bag from cart.
  • If you have planned to go golfing right after your work hours, then it will not be an issue since this golf bag has enough pockets for many things. Apparel pockets, three velour-lined valuables pockets, and a cooler pocket store the used clothes, shoes, wallet or other personal items.
  • Life on thegolf course could be unexpected. If you are just about to finish a great game but rain starts playing havoc with your plans then you can use the attached rain hood and wait for the sky to clear.sun mountain c 130 cart bags 2015 gunmetal white lime 01

Advantages of Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag

  • The long pockets ensure that your golf bag remains as organized as you are. Whenever you need a specific club you don’t have to ransack the bag to locate the needed club for that perfect shot. This is also a good thing since your clubs will not clatter with each other and remain safe and protected. You have no chance of getting ruined clubs due to a cluttered bag.
  • This is easy to access club bag. You can easily select the one you need due to its efficient reverse orientation
  • You don’t have to tire yourself while loading the bag on or off the cart since the handles provided are at right place to make the whole process very easy.
  • The weather cannot beat your enthusiasm to be on the golf course. This bag has velour-lined pockets making it water resistant to store your wallet, mobile and other important things
  • It is fixed with the Smart Strap System so that your bag is strapped sturdily with the cart without fear of lopping it on sides or falling down from thecart.

Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag Review Summary

The 5 star rating given to this wonderful cart bag does not need any other endorsement. So what are you waiting for? Grab this bag from any online shop and see a huge shift in your golfing performance.

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