Srixon Marathon Golf Ball Review

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Unlike a normal golf ball, Srixon Marathon Golf Ball promises enhanced Durability for longer performance and value. In this post, we went over the benefits and features of this highly resilient Srixon Golf Ball and it’s safe to say that it can add a great deal to your overall performance on the golf course.

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After hitting these for a while, i think they are solid balls for anyone from average to professional level. In the terms of its design, efficiency and the price, the Srixon Marathon Golf Ball are the best bargain (make sure to check the current price though, they change all the time). These balls are designed and manufactured by innovative engineering team for best durability and achieve the longest possible distance. If you are looking for mid green side spin and medium to high launch, you must seriously consider buying these balls. Below mentioned features and benefits will help you in deciding and purchasing the best balls for your on course performance.


  • The Srixon marathon is a two-piece golf ball that is crafted for asoft feel and to achieve long distance. The ball has a soft outer cover and a large inner core that helps the ball to achieve thehighest acceleration. The outer soft cover is responsible for better control over the ball. The two-core technology helps the golfers attain high trajectory due to better impact.
  • The marathon balls from Srixon features ionomer cover that not only provides it great durability by protecting it from scratches or cuts but is also responsible for delivering incredible greenside spin.
  • The balls feature 333 dimple pattern to provide an optimum aerodynamic design that reduces the drag and lets you hit the ball far and higher without any extra efforts.
  • Srixon balls come with spin skin coating over the top that increases the friction between clubhead and ball. The enhanced friction produced extra spin to the ball that results in more touch for green pitches and lands the ball closer to the desired hole.


  • The Srixon marathon golf ball delivers long distance off the tee. You can achieve higher trajectory and increased spin from Srixon balls. The ball is reasonably priced and is designed for golfers with intermediate and advanced skills.
  • Srixon has pioneered the Energetic Gradient Growth core that provides the straight and high trajectory to the ball. The strong outer cover protects the ball from cuts and harsh elements.
  • The availability of these ball in a pack of 15 is an economical offer that saves money as well as frequent visit to store for purchasing golf balls.

Srixon Marathon Golf Ball Review Summary

Most of the users of Srixon marathon golf balls consider them as a great value of money with a promise to deliver performance with each shot. It is a sure shot golf accessory to make a brilliant golfer out of an average player.

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