Srixon Marathon Golf Ball Review

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Who doesn’t like hitting the ball a long way? The Srixon Marathon golf ball is marketed as one of the longest and most durable. But how true is this claim? Well, today I’ll tell you what you can expect if you pick up a pack and what you can expect for the price.

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Srixon Marathon Golf Balls


  •  Two-piece construction
  •  Ionomer Cover
  • Energetic Gradient Growth Core
  • 98 Compression
  • 333 Dimple design

Trying different balls out is always good fun. It’s like being at the range, but with better golf balls. 

When it comes to choosing a product, it’s not all about distance. Your score and how the balls perform throughout your game are what determine whether they are any good. So that’s exactly what I did.

We took a ball pack or two and teed them up on the launch monitor before taking them out on the course. We tried them using all of our golf clubs. Here are the details: –

Pros & Cons of the srixon marathon

— PROS —

— CONS —

If you’ve never heard of Srixon before or are new to the game you might have a couple of questions, such as…

⛳️ - Are Srixon Golf Balls Any Good?

The answer to the question is yes, Srixon golf balls are good. Very good in fact. Srixon was originally a rubber production company, so they know a thing or two when it comes to producing complex-sounding features like a “strong ionomer cover” or an “energetic gradient growth core”.

Srixon golf balls are used by several PGA tour pros and have become a standard name in golf, so don’t let the price fool you, they are well regarded for being good quality.

⛳️ - Do Softer Balls go Further?

Now there are ‘soft balls’ and there are soft balls. As a general rule soft golf balls tend not to go as far as dedicated ‘distance’ balls. A softer ball encourages higher spin, great for stopping on the green, not so great when you are trying to generate low spin with your driver.

Listen, you can’t have it both ways…

Or can you?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Srixon Marathon golf balls… Are they one of the longest? Were they designed with distance in mind? 

Read on and find out.

⛳️ - Srixon Marathon Golf Balls | Best for Distance?

So, the Srixon Marathon golf balls, what are they about?

The Srixon Distance ball is one of their best sellers. They are designed with distance in mind without compromising on feel. Srixon boasts this is one of the longest balls ever made with distance ‘bred into its core’.

This soft-feel golf ball is white and of two-piece construction. The 333 dimple pattern has been reduced compared to some other balls. The aim is to reduce drag and increase lift with every shot, giving you superior aerodynamic performance and greater carry.

⛳️ - How does the Srixon Marathon Perform?


Off the tee, the marathon golf balls behaved pretty well. As a distance ball, the results proved that the gradient growth core delivers extreme distance. Our normal carry when we’ve wound up is 270 yards. I might have got a few extra yards on my drive, as to whether that’s down to the 333 dimple design and superior aerodynamic performance, who knows.

One of my longest drives went up to 300 so if you’re looking for a ball that is designed for distance, give them a go. My distance certainly didn’t suffer


As we said, feel can suffer when it comes to branded distance balls. This is an area where the Srixon Marathon golf balls truly shine. Compared to your standard run-of-the-mill white golf ball, we couldn’t tell any discernable difference.

When Srixon talks about soft feel, they aren’t positioning themselves against truly ‘soft’ golf balls like the Pro V1. What they are saying is that the Srixon Marathon Golf Balls are not as hard feeling as a traditional ‘distance ball’.

Stopping Power and Short game Performance

The Marathon golf balls performed pretty well on and around the green. A well-struck 8-iron did bounce and then stop really quickly. When it comes to chipping and putting, they weren’t the worst balls we have ever seen. In fact, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how well they did perform.


When it comes to the durability of the marathon golf balls Srixon is telling the truth. The strong ionomer covers protects the ball from cuts and abrasions from your golf clubs, and also serves to ensure the ball performs well in harsh elements.

Value for Money

Now here is a good reason to consider investing in a pack. Ok, so you don’t get the softness or feel of a premium ball. But for the money, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The strong ionomer cover protects the ball from cuts and harsh elements, (especially from that wicked ‘thin’ shot that materializes every time I am playing for birdie), and they are really durable.

In creating the marathon golf balls Srixon has brought something super affordable to the average golfer, and a ball that offers great all-round performance.

⛳️ Frequently Asked Questions ️

Final Thoughts on Marathon Golf Balls…

Overall, these are good performers. The Srixon Marathon golf balls will give you a little extra distance without some of the more unfavorable handling characteristics of other ‘distance balls’… ‘Distance bred into its core’? Maybe… But they are really durable golf balls that offer great value. Why not swing by to our other reviews where you can find some other great products? 

If you count the ‘best’ as the longest and most durable golf ball produced by Srixon, then this could be it. You do get a little more distance while the strong ionomer cover protects the ball and keeps it newer for longer. 

Normally mid to high handicappers struggle with distance, If you are looking for a ball that has been designed with distance in mind, and decent enough performance around the greens, at a relatively low price, the Srixon Marathon golf balls could be an ideal choice.

If you are looking for Pro V1 levels of performance the Srixon Z-star is one of the best balls Srixon has ever made.

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