Volvik Crystal Golf Balls Review

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You probably got the same first impression as me when you heard about the Volvik Crystal Golf Balls, “ooh it’s those jazzy colorful golf balls”. But after some investigation, I found some interesting things about those balls, which I am sharing in this article.

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If you are looking for creativity to meet your goals in golf, then buying a Volvik crystal balls can be none less than essential. Especially, with the latest price they’re offering. These golf balls come in four different colors that make them easy to locate on the lush greens than the omnipresent white one. So, if you tend to lose your golf balls you must get these vibrant and easy to find golf balls. Don’t think that this beauty is without brains. The mesmerizing looks of these balls is a plus considering the strong built and long lasting usage. The options to buy either a pack of assorted colors or selecting the ones in your favorite color is best that a golfer can ask for. Here are the features of these stylish balls.


  • The three-piece balls provide better control with dual core construction. Volvik crystal golf balls have a harder inner core for better striking and a soft outer layer for providing optimum accuracy to your shots.
  • The crystal balls from Volvik are designed and manufactured for golfers who have slow to medium swing speeds that are from 60 to 95mph.
  • The Volvik crystal golf balls provide enhanced flight times and better stability with its 322 octahedron dimple pattern.
  • These balls cover longer distance owing to the longer impact time and low driver-spin (80 compressions) that reduces the side-spin.
  • These crystal balls have a high value of Coefficient of restitution (COR) which means there is a minimum loss of energy during the impact of club-head and ball resulting in maximum ball speed to hit the target hole.
  • The ball holds the greens well and one can cover more than fifteen holes from a single ball before needing to change the ball.
  • The balls are made of high quality material. Its durability can be judged from the fact that thin cover on the ball is resistant to any cuts or blemishes.


  • Quality and creativity are what you get with Volvik crystal balls. Theses balls are best suited for golfers with low to medium speed skills.
  • These balls stand out from others and it is easy to find them due to the lively and bright colors. You have the option to get the balls in any color of choice among green, pink, yellow and red.
  • Other benefits that need a special mention here is its higher flight times and extended distance you get with these balls. You get long lasting durability due to Zirconium Z-I Outer Cover.

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls Review Summary

The soft feel colored balls are a great innovation by Volvik in golf ball industry. The unique colors combined with the best durability have helped Volvik see a spur in its satisfied customers. The balls are prepared using high quality raw material and the final product is put to strenuous quality tests before they arrive for sale at stores. Get these balls if you desire some extra yards, better putting feel, excellent visibility, softest spin and highest accuracy.

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