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If you are a golfer, you know the wedge in your golf bag is like the placekicker in football. As a beginner or high handicapper, you may want to understand the selection of wedges available before picking the right ones for your game. Here we will bring you up to speed on what’s new in the market and help you make an informed decision on your next wedge purchase.

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Let’s admit it, we’ve all ended up in the sand once or twice, or maybe a few more times than we’d like to admit.  This makes choosing the right sand wedge absolutely essential for getting you out of those tough spots and back onto the green so that you can keep your score as low as possible and your confidence high.  These game saving shots have to be taken with precision, accuracy, and focus, so the club that you use should allow you to do that.  Today we’ll be looking at and comparing some of the best 56 degree wedges as well as comparing prices, performance, and overall customer satisfaction of each wedge.

Best 56 degree wedge in 2016

Callaway MD3 

If you’re looking for the best 56-degree wedge, you’ve found it.  The Callaway “Mack Daddy” 3 is the highest performing wedge on the market right now and it’s got the track record to prove it.  The MD 3 features grooves on the clubface that allow you to control the spin that’s put on the ball which allows you to place the ball perfectly on the green.  These grooves are specially designed by Callaway and are precisely calibrated to allow you to take your best shot every shot.  but not only is it impressive on the course, it’s impressive to look at as well.  The Callaway features a sleek design with a mixture of chrome, black, and a green, and will have everyone on the golf course watching your swing.


Mizuno S5 

The Mizuno S5 is another safe bet if you’re looking for a quality club to get you out of a tight spot.  The S5 is designed to slice through the sand and drive the ball out of the bunker while creating spin on the ball from the grooves on the club face.  This club has a delicate feel to it and allows you to place the ball on the green without overpowering your shot and putting it over. The S5 is also a sharp looking club with its flashy blue clubface and it will be a stand out piece in your golf bag.


Ping Glide $99

The Ping Glide may be the best option as far as quality per cost that’s offered on this list.  Although Ping hasn’t had the best track record with making wedges, it seems like they’ve finally struck gold with this club.  The Ping Glide is easy to use and offers a variety of tools on the club itself so that you can hit your best possible shot.  The club grip features markings that allow you to place your hands according to the type of shot that you want to make which is a useful feature for both beginner level golfers and experienced golfers.  The club face is a bit lighter than the other clubs offered which results in a less controlled swing on some occasions, but overall this club is a quality buy for all golfers.


Ben Hogan TK15 

The TK15 is an exceptionally made club that strikes you with its traditional, old school feel, while also giving you feedback on each shot that you take.  This club is very evenly distributed, which in my opinion, leads to an easier and more fluid swing.  The even distribution and soft metal allows you to feel exactly how you hit each shot and whether or not it was a solid hit or a shank.  The feedback is especially beneficial for new players, as it allows them to feel with each shot how they hit the ball.  The craftsmanship on this club is exceptional and you will never get tired of looking at this club.  For those of you who are fans of the old school look of golf, this is most definitely the club for you due to it’s old school design.  Overall, the TK15 is very pleasing to play with while also being pleasing to look at and will prove an excellent choice for any golfer.


Nike Engage $120

The Nike Engage offers a sleek, modern look, while giving you a moderate performance on the course.  This club is relatively consistent as far as your hits go, but the feedback given by the club is average at best.  This club is top heavy which provides a more powerful and in control swing, but a good bit of the feedback given from the club head is lost in its dense design.  These clubs rust very easily unfortunately, but they are sturdy and will last you quite a long time.  Despite all of these negative attributes, the Nike Engage will perform well on the course and will be consistent shot to shot, providing an accurate and consistent approach to your bunker play.  Nike has been known to produce above average clubs so I’m sure this club will not fall short of that expectation.


Wilson FG Tour PMP 

The FG Tour (Precision Milled Performance) PMP is an absolutely impressive club from its stellar on course performance to its deep blue finish.  This club, designed by Wilson, is highly impressive as far as performance goes and will give you an almost shocking amount of spin on your hits out of the bunker and onto the green.  The specially designed grooves maximize the possible spin for this club and allow you to be confident in the comeback of the ball when you land it on the green.  This club doesn’t seem to have any trouble cutting through the sand and the top heavy design lets you confidently attack any situation.  The only downside to this club is that if you get the blue finish, the blue will wear off as you use it in the sand, but the wear turns into a metallic black which isn’t as bad as it could be.  The PMP is a solid buy for most golfers, especially if you’re looking for a club that gives you a little extra kick to your spin.
All of these clubs qualify as best 56 degree wedge and will prove to be adequate choices as you contemplate how in the world you got your ball stuck in the bunker so many times.  Hopefully you won’t be having to use your sand wedge too much, but if you do, these clubs should be great options for you as you nail that green shot out of the sand.

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