The 6 Best Indoor Putting Mats

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Want to know the secret behind improving your putting? Practice! That's it. No magic, no secrets... just dedication and a routine. The best thing is that, unlike with your driver, putting can be practiced anywhere. Putting mats allow you to work on your stroke consistently. Today I will look at some of the best options to get your putting stroke dialed in and locked.

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⭐️In a Hurry? What’s the Best Indoor Putting Mat?

Based on my review, the best indoor putting mat is the Wellputt 26ft putting system. It has a lot of really great features that will help to improve your putting. The mat features a nice putting surface that is pretty similar to a  medium-fast putting green. It has plenty of alignment lines for perfecting your putting stroke. It also features integration with a clever app that will allow you to access over 70 different challenges and training drills. To top it off, it is a good size if you have the room to fit it.



Why bother with a putting mat? After all, I’ve got a carpet and a mug… First off, you aren’t an 80’s yuppie in a corner office in Manhattan.

Secondly… Do you honestly think that Dustin Johnson stands there putting into a mug in his dressing gown? Nope, he’ll use a putting mat when he can’t get to the putting green.

They say ‘practice makes perfect’… I have a better saying,

perfect practice makes perfect.

To practice efficiently, you will want to create a consistent environment that gives you reliable feedback.

What do you think will happen if you are busy smacking balls through an inch of deep pile carpet and then go putt on a green with grass finer than Bella Hadid’s mustache? 

You’ve just dropped a considerable amount of dollars on a TaylorMade Spider EX because you are looking for excellent ‘feel’ and ‘forgiveness’…

Only to negate practically every benefit that such a nice putter offers by training your muscle memory based on what was cheapest at the carpet shop.

So, what’s the answer?

It’s simple… Invest in a putting mat.

A decent putting mat will allow you to practice practically anywhere, and they happen to be an exceptionally valuable training aid that will let you work on one of the most important shots of your golf game.

Believe me… I’ve tried every golf training aid under the sun in a bid to lower my score. If I had to pick which was the most effective in achieving fewer putts, a putting mat would be it.

To see results, you will want to use the very best putting mat you can get your hands on.

I’ve given a few a go. I tried about 100 putts on each and saw which offered me the best consistency. I’ve graded these putting mats out of 5 based on the following criteria: –

  • Fidelity to a real putting green: Did it perform as I’d expected?
  • True roll: Did a ‘straight’ putt stay straight?
  • Value for money: How much benefit does it offer based on cost?
  • Extra features: Does it offer more than the average putting mat?
  • Size: I’ve based this on bigger being better.

I’m going to show you what I found. And will even tell you who each putting green is suitable for.

⛳️ - Is it Bad to Practice on Carpet?

Alright, I’m going to be honest. If it’s a choice between not practicing, or practicing on the carpet, then the latter is a better option.

But… If you choose between training on a putting mat and practicing on carpet, then, yes, it is bad to practice on a carpet.

Carpets are not a consistent surface. Some are thick. Some are thin. Your carpet might even have a ‘break’!

It would be a shame to train your putting stroke thinking you were gaining laser accuracy, only to find that you’d hard-wired your brain (and stroke) to account for a bias in your home flooring.

Putting mats offer a consistent and true surface. They will allow you to judge what’s working accurately… And what isn’t?

⛳️ - Are Putting Mats Worth it?

In a word?


Putting mats encourage consistency and are the tool that most accurately reflects the conditions you will be putting on in real life.

Let me put it another way.

Do you practice putting with a golf ball that needs to be hit harder than normal? Obviously not. So why would you try and recreate exactly this feeling by practicing putting on anything other than a consistent surface?

Even the best putting mats are relatively inexpensive. And when you consider how many shots it will save throughout their life, yes, they are definitely worth it.

Ok, so now we’ve got that out of the way. Let’s unroll a few of the best indoor putting mats and see what’s what…

Editor’s #1 Choice
Perfect Putting Mat XL Edition

1. Perfect Putting Mat – XL Edition

First, let's talk about the size. Some putting mats let you practice your short putts. That's all good and well, but the best putting mat will allow you to practice a range of different length putts

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Wellputt 26 FT Speed Pro Mats Training Aids

2. Wellputt 26 FT Speed Pro Mats Training Aids

If you've got the space to set up a large practice putting mat, then you really should check this out.

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Perfect Putting Mat Compact Edition

3. Perfect Putting Mat – Compact Edition

If you liked the Perfect putting mat but found that it was a little too large, I've found just the thing. These putting mats offer everything that the XL version includes but in compact form.

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Callaway Executive Putting Mats

4. Callaway Executive Putting Mats

Listen, I'm all about being upfront in my putting mat reviews. If I don't like something, I'm going to tell you.

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51E85ZhagcL. SL500

5. Champkey 10′ x 20″ SCPS Speed Control Putting Mat

This golf practice mat has a fair few things that I like. First, let's talk size. At 10 feet wide and 20 feet long, you will have ample opportunity to practice a range of putting lengths. That gets a big tick in the box from me.

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41w cErH7uL. SL500

6. SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

If you've read my article on swing trainers {LINK REQUIRED}, you'll already know that I have a soft spot for SKLZ.

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Perfect Putting Mat – XL Edition

Editor’s #1 Choice
  • Fidelity: 5/5
  • True Roll: 5/5
  • Value: 4/5
  • Features: 3/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Overall:
  • Who it’s for: This would be the best indoor putting green for serious players with plenty of space.

Well, where to begin? I think this indoor putting green is pretty sweet.

Here's why.

First, let's talk about the size. Some putting mats let you practice your short putts. That's all good and well, but the best putting mat will allow you to practice a range of different length putts.

At 16 feet long, you'll be able to work on the whole range!

Now, I know what you are thinking… It is a little long. Suppose you've got space, great. If not, I'd still recommend that you buy it. You can always roll up the long edge, and you've got the flexibility if you do find a little extra room for your putting green.

One standout feature is the crystal velvet surface material. I can't put it (pun intended) any simpler than this. It feels like putting on a real green. In this regard, it's one of the best putting mats out there.

If you want to know the speed, it works out, on average, of about 12 on the Stimpmeter.

It was easy to assess the true roll of this putting mat. It has a set of train track alignment aids that let you see even the slightest deviation.

It comes with a nice extra feature too. These putting mats come with an auto return system. This sounds technical, but it is actually a wooden ramp that scoots your golf ball back to your feet (provided that you sink it, of course)

Remember how I talked about Dustin Johnson earlier? I was telling the truth. He uses one!


  • High fidelity and a consistent putting surface
  • Alignment aids give instant feedback
  • Great quality
  • A few extra features


  • The price might be a little steep for some
  • It is pretty large, not ideal for smaller homes (or offices… Shouldn't you be working?)

Wellputt 26 FT Speed Pro Mats Training Aids

  • Fidelity: 4/5
  • True Roll: 5/5
  • Value: 3/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • Size: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5
  • Who it’s for: This is the best indoor putting green for golf players who are serious about their practice.

If you've got the space to set up a large practice putting mat, then you really should check this out.

This. Thing. Is. Huge!

I thought I'd pushed the boat out with the perfect putting mat… But this is something else. At 26 feet long and over 3 feet wide, you've literally given yourself a full practice green in your own home.

But just like my ex-wife used to say… Size isn't everything. This is absolutely jam-packed with some amazing features.

Like what?

You can pair these putting mats up with an app and perform over 70 different challenges and exercises. Remember when I talked about perfect practice? This lets you measure your results and assess your level of improvement. It's genuine training with a purpose.

The mat reads 11.5 on the Stimpmeter. So with regards to fidelity, it performs the same as a medium-fast putting green.

It's lineated and marked in various increments. This lets you accurately assess whether your stroke is making the golf ball go where you want.

If you want to see it in action, I've done some research, and you can see a home movie of what it's all about.


  • Another high fidelity experience. Great feel
  • I love the various lines and marks.
  • The app is brilliant. It really focuses your practice


  • The major downside is the price. It is expensive
  • The size is great, but if you don't have the room, you will not enjoy using it.

Perfect Putting Mat – Compact Edition

  • Fidelity: 5/5
  • True Roll: 5/5
  • Value: 3/5
  • Features: 3/5
  • Size: 2/5
  • Overall : 3.5/5
  • Who it’s for: The best indoor putting green for players who like the XL but don’t have space

If you liked the Perfect putting mat but found that it was a little too large, I've found just the thing. These putting mats offer everything that the XL version includes but in compact form.

Just as with the XL version, you'll get a true-to-life experience with a crystal velvet surface. Just like its big brother, you'll also find it covered in alignment stripes. It also measures about 12 on the good old Stimpmeter.

I actually found that the ball return system worked better on the compact edition. (This might be because I holed more putts).

Ok, full disclosure… I have marked it down on the value score. Here's why. It is half the size of the XL version… Yet, it certainly isn't half the cost. I'm not saying it isn't worth the money, as it is an excellent putting mat… But what I am saying is that you will get half as much with a cost that isn't proportional.

Here's another feature that I should have mentioned earlier. It features two holes.

What's so great about that?

Well, one of the holes is reduced in size. This is a valuable training aid as it forces you to refine your accuracy. If you get used to aiming at a smaller target, it will give you an increased level of confidence as the hole will seem massive when you are out on the real-life course.


  • Performs just like the XL model
  • True to life roll
  • Easy to see alignment tracks
  • Compact size


  • You get less mat for not much less money.

Callaway Executive Putting Mats

  • Fidelity: 3/5
  • True Roll: 3/5
  • Value: 3/5
  • Features: 1/5
  • Size: 1/5
  • Overall: 2/5
  • Who it’s for: This is a budget practice putting mat for occasional use.

Listen, I'm all about being upfront in my putting mat reviews. If I don't like something, I'm going to tell you.

This putting mat is ok and fits a purpose. But from a company as prestigious as Callaway, I expected a lot more. As a quick and cheap solution, it could tick a few boxes for you… Like if you only have limited space and a hardwood floor. It features a premium foam backing to minimize any imperfections in your flooring.

From a fidelity point of view, it is ok. It isn't as great as the perfect putting mat surfaces. But it is better than carpet.

It isn't laden with features. I'd love to have seen a few lines and things to help me measure how accurate I was. You do get a slightly smaller hole to help you hone your aim. The cup is removable and can also be used on a real putting green…

If you want something to take to the office that is small and compact, then it should serve its purpose. It's pretty ideal for beginners looking for a consistent surface to work on their stroke at a low price.


  • Really affordable
  • Compact size
  • Good quality


  • It's a bit barren in the features department
  • There are better putting mats out there

Champkey 10′ x 20″ SCPS Speed Control Putting Mat

  • Fidelity: 2/5
  • True Roll: 2/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Features: 4/5
  • Size: 4/5
  • Overall: 3.5/5
  • Who it’s for: This is the best indoor putting mat for players wanting to work on distance control and feel.

This golf practice mat has a fair few things that I like. First, let's talk size. At 10 feet wide and 20 feet long, you will have ample opportunity to practice a range of putting lengths. That gets a big tick in the box from me.

The surface is pretty ok too. It isn't quite as 'real' as some of my other suggestions, but it will offer you consistency, which is exactly what you need.

It does feature a 'knap' (they call it a 'varispeed putting system'). Putt in one direction, and the 'green' will be fast, go the other way, and be 'slow'… I was initially going to mark this down, but that is exactly what you'd get on an outdoor putting green, so the mark stands!

It has thick rubber backing, so you won't get any slipping,

And there's more…

The entire putting mat is divided into sections (it reminds me of a football field). Numerous lines will allow you to accurately measure distance and alignment. So far, so good.

The standout feature for me is that you can rig these practice mats in an almost infinite number of ways. This is achieved by inserting small plastic 'breaks' under relevant sections of the putting green. This allows you to practice playing with a break. You also can leave them out to make it slope-free.

This indoor putting green also comes with a few training drills included. Again I like that you can perform results-based training, which is the key to improving.

There is one downside (and I'm being honest here) that I hate. The raised plastic 'cup' that forms the hole… Do yourself a favor and throw it away. I'd have given it a higher score on fidelity, but not for this 'hole'. It's negative training and should be avoided.


  • Really great value at a low price point
  • Lines and marks along with training drills to measure progress
  • Customizable, you can add 'breaks.'


  • I hate the plastic-lipped cup. Fortunately, it is removable.

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

  • Fidelity: 4/5
  • True Roll: 3/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Features: 2/5
  • Size: 3/5
  • Overall: 3.5/5
  • Who it’s for: If all you want is to work on your putting stroke, this low-cost option is a great solution.

If you've read my article on swing trainers {LINK REQUIRED}, you'll already know that I have a soft spot for SKLZ.

They generally make budget golf gear that works.

Case in point…

This golf training mat. There's nothing fancy or advanced about it, but I quite like that. As a basic solution, it works well.

The size of the mat is just right. At just over 8 feet long and three feet wide, you'll have ample room to practice a decent putting length without it being overbearing or too small.

You'll find three holes of regulation size at the end of the mat. When one fills with balls (look at you, Mr. Accurate), you can switch to the next.

It does feel pretty much like a real putting green. It doesn't feature any alignment guides or training tools, but I suppose neither does your practice green on the course, and you've been using that for years.

The far end of the mat is slightly raised. Provided you aren't completely ham-fisted, you needn't worry about knocking golf balls off the back. (I save that particular trick for when I'm putting to win in the monthly medal).

It does have an extra system to stop you from smashing balls off into the distance. Two kidney-shaped holes will prevent all but the hardest putts from making their way off the back and under the couch. It's a little bit basic, but as the popular saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'.


  • A good putting mat for the money
  • Portable and a good size
  • A simple and effective solution


  • Some might find it a little too basic
  • No return system for golf balls

Indoor Putting Green | Buying Guide and FAQ

So you’ve had a look and think that a great indoor putting mat might be for you?

That’s great! But which to choose? Well, there are a few things that you might want to consider. So here’s what I’ll do. Let me run through some of the features that you might (or might not) find beneficial; then, you can make the correct choice.

⛳️ - Putting Mat Training Value

I’ve included this at the start for a reason. You aren’t buying it because it looks good (or because you spilled red wine on the new carpet)… The best putting mats have a purpose. And that purpose is to enable you to play better golf.

It isn’t just a case of banging golf balls at the hole until you sink a few. You ideally want ways that will force you to improve and allow you to measure your progress. The last thing you want is negative training.

Here’s what I mean.

Imagine a practice putting mat that had a hole and ends abruptly with nothing behind. You practice your putting and knock it past the hole. It then falls off the mat and rolls away…

How much have you learned from that putt? Sure, you knocked it past. But by how much?  This is a prime example of an indoor putting green being bad training. All it will do is encourage you to hit your puts short. 100% of putts that are short miss the hole.

Look for features that will allow you to train effectively. These are things such as: –

Alignment lines

These let you see how far you are deviating and allow you to identify trends.

Area beyond the hole or a slope

This ensures that you can give your putt a confident stroke without fear of having to chase the ball over your hardwood floor. It also lets you see if you are long.

Distance markers

You will be able to identify the weak element of your game accurately. Accurate at 6 feet, but not at 10? You’ll need to work on that aspect consistently.

Putting mats that simulate real grass

This is a biggie. As I said at the start, you are trying to recreate the feel of real putting in the best putting mats.

⛳️ - Holes

At a bare minimum, you will want a hole that emulates what you’d see when putting for real out on the course.

But there’s a little more to it…

You’ll see from my suggestions above that the best golf putting mats have a little addition (literally). They include smaller holes. I find this a superb feature. Practice 100 putts a day at short range on a golf mat. Then hit the course.

Tell me that the regulation-sized hole on the actual green doesn’t look like an unmissable bucket.

Thank me later.

⛳️ - Break

If we didn’t all have to make breaking putts, I think I’d have been a pro (yeah, right). The good news is that depending on which golf mat you select, you can train yourself to make breaking putts pretty easily.

Look for features such as plastic inserts that you can position under the rubber backing to simulate a break in the green effectively.

If you are looking for a cheaper mat, you can try and recreate this using a towel or old shirt. Still, I find it much more effective to use the manufacturer-provided solutions.

⛳️ - Slope

I have mixed feelings about a golf putting mat having a slope. On the one hand, it encourages the player to hit the ball hard enough to reach and possibly pass the hole… And it may be great for distance control…

But remember when I talked about negative training? Training your brain to always hit uphill could be counterproductive. Especially with a downhill putt… So it might not be good for distance control.

Ever had to get the wedge out again after you were on the dancefloor? Embarrassing!

⛳️ - Putting Surface

This is one that you really want to focus on. Try to pick a putting system that offers you something akin to real grass.

This is often helped by thick rubber backing, which mutes the surface underneath the putting mat.

Some training aids even offer variable putting speeds all on one mat. If you look at the products above, you’ll see that one has a varispeed putting system. The varispeed putting system allows you to have different ‘green speeds’ going in one direction and a different green speed when putting the other way!

⛳️ - Putting Mat Size

I’ve saved the best ’til last, as this is something that you will really need to consider.

In an ideal world, we’d all have enough space to set up a full putting green.

In an ideal world, I’d be a foot taller and better looking.

What I’m saying is… You’ve got to work with what you’ve got. If you have a decent-sized area that would be perfect for huge putting surfaces, then, by all means, go for gold and choose whatever you like.


If your training aids are going to be cramped and reduce the benefit they offer, then it might be better to go for something a little smaller and more manageable. You’ll see from my list above that there are putting surfaces in all shapes and sizes. Some even offer all the benefits of big golf putting mats but in a smaller form!

 Ok, so now we’ve got putting mats covered, it’s time to address a few questions. Here is what I get asked when people are trying to choose the best golf putting mats…

⛳️ Frequently Asked Questions ️

The best way to practice putting at home is to use a putting mat. It provides a consistent and relatively flat surface that should emulate the conditions you would find on a real putting green out on the golf course.


They are normally pretty easy to set up and easy to use. Fifteen minutes of focussed practice a day is more than enough to get your putting game dialed in completely. You'll enjoy greater accuracy, lower scores, and increased confidence as a result.


If you are looking for a few drills, I've had a search, and this seems like a good place to start…

Putting mats have a ramp for a few reasons: -


1. Ramps are great to encourage golf players to putt the golf ball past the hole

2.   If you end up short, then the ball will roll back towards you, meaning less time strutting back and forth.

3.   They are a useful way of making putting mats shorter as you can still give the ball a decent stroke without worrying that it will fly off the back.

4.   They are often used to elevate a ball return system

When you get a large practice mat, there's a good chance that it will come folded or rolled. As a result, there may be kinks or lines in the mat when you first open it.


Don't worry. This is temporary.


The best way to flatten a practice mat is to leave it out on a flat surface unfolded for a few hours to let gravity do its work. I find leaving it somewhere warm and sunny softens the rubber backing and will make the flattening process that much quicker.

Golf Putting Mats | Final thoughts…

A golf putting mat is a valuable training aid. However, just like any golf training aid, it is only effective if used properly. It’s you that will have to put in the practice and hard work to improve your game. 

Choosing the best putting mat will remove areas of inconsistency, which is what putting on a carpet will bring you. Go for something that ticks a lot of boxes, like the perfect putting mat or one that allows you to really focus on goal-based training and reap the rewards!

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