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Senior Golfers and Their Special Playing Clubs

Best golf clubs for seniors in 2020


Golf is a game of sophistication- something that evokes passion in the most graceful way. Perhaps that’s the reason why it is the most popular sport amongst seniors. People above the age of fifty love the game so much that regular trips to the country or the club for golf is a very important part of their lives.

Comparison (2020)

Quick Reviews : 

Callaway Strata Ultimate

Sophistication : 

Ultimate golf club set is suitable for casual golfers of all proficiency.

Quality & materials :

Full titanium driver with large sweet spot. Fairway woods that are optimized for long-distance shots, great hybrids, stainless steel irons, precise putter.

Design & flexibility :

Clubs are built and designed to be forgiving and beginner-friendly. Lightweight

Style & looks : 

Gorgeous black and blue golf clubs and bags. Check Amazon listing for more amazing pictures yourself.

Value for the money :

One of the best values on market right now.


Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set

Sophistication : 

Advanced all-hybrid golf club set to replace your iron set. 

Quality & materials :

Lightweight graphite shafts that increases your swing speed and by extension, overall distance. High quality build. 

Design & flexibility :

Designed with seniors’ exact needs in mind.  Lighter than most clubs, yet very effective.

Style & looks : 

Relatively plain looking. 

Value for the money :

Cheaper and better than most iron sets.

Wilson Profile SGI

Sophistication : 

Solid club set for seniors who play golf casually, won’t improve your game to the fullest extent.

Quality & materials :

Sturdy golf clubs that can last for years. Graphite shafts.

Design & flexibility :

Designed with seniors in mind, therefore lighter than most clubs. Increases distance of your shots

Style & looks : 

Stylish blue/black/grey bag along with gorgeous clubs. 

Value for the money :

The best golf club set for seniors if you’re on tight budget and don’t plan on playing very competitively.




Read Detailed Reviews

Since they feel so ardently about the sport, great custom equipment for that age group was developed. Among the plethora of golf club sets, it is only the very best golf clubs for seniors that does justice to their age-weakened physical conditions. These clubs give them the space to play on their own terms without making the game unnecessary frustrating to tackle. The challenge and draw of the game, however, remains the same.

Let’s dig in and see which are the best golf clubs for seniors.



The Basic Challenge

The very best golf clubs for seniors help them achieve greater distance at reduced effort. That is their essential challenge in the first place. With losing agility, they need to use only the best senior golf clubs with big center areas of the club face. The old players can’t make drastic swing adjustments in order to retain their comfort. So, the shaft of the clubs needs to be made of a flexible iron compound so that it can create energy and allow proper swing. Swing speed for seniors generally falls under 60 mph and the flexes correspond to that.

Set Combination and the Additional Wedge

The best-recommended golf clubs for senior players are the hybrid golf club sets. If you look at the best hybrid golf club for seniors, you find them designed with qualities of both wood and iron so that the player gets better distance at lower power. A standard player with good stance is generally comfortable with a combination of a 3 wood and wedges. Seniors are recommended to add loft to the tree wood and the driver. They also need a fourth wedge and their touch on the greens In order to play well. Any if the club sets rated as the best golf clubs for seniors 2020 have all of the above and enhances the game tremendously. Players can look at the increment and angling at the time to customization for their specific purpose.

What has changed in the last few years?

I originally wrote this post back in September 2015 and a lot has changed since then. Newer seniors’ individual clubs and club sets have been released, so i thought i’d update the tutorial to make it more relevant for those looking for seniors’ golf clubs in 2020. Just as before, Callaway Strata set still remains the best option for people with limited budgets and Majek Seniors’ Hybrids are just perfect for seniors looking for a relief by switching from heavier irons to much lighter hybrids. I’ve removed Adams SpeedLine club set from this list, because apparently it isn’t being made anymore. You can still probably find them in some stores and eBay though. Other than that, nothing much has changed in regards to seniors’ needs, it’s just that golf club manufacturers are getting better at meeting those needs very fast, which is very good news for everyone. Seniors are valued members of golf community and they should be treated as such.

How much should you be expect to pay for quality seniors’ clubs in 2020?

Most of the clubs on the list i’ve compiled here cost few hundred dollars, some of them are in the upper range like seven or eight hundred, some cost as low as two to three. None of them cost more than thousand dollars. It might seem cheap, and it probably is, but that’s because of my decision to focus on entire club sets and not individual clubs. Buying entire set from one manufacturer can save you a lot of money.

More affordable club sets like two or three hundred dollars are still decent, especially considering the price, but they’re not as advanced as, let’s say, Adams Idea golf set. So if you’re looking for club set with unique design that will improve your game as best as it can, you should definitely consider pricier options. But if you’re just recreational golfer and are looking for something that will be easy to hit and you won’t have to worry much about, more affordable sets are the way to go. If budget is not a concern, there’s also always an option to buy clubs individually and enrich your golf club set that way.

Best Affordable Club Sets for Seniors

As mentioned before, in terms of price, there’s wide range of options available for anyone interested. Affordable sets in particular are hardest to choose because low price usually means low quality, but that’s not always true. I have picked four of the best men’s seniors’ clubs today, and two of them are what you’d call affordable – Wilson Unisex Profile XD Golf and Callaway Strata Plus Complete Golf Set. I’ve never had the chance to play with Strata myself, but i’ve heard good things. Wilson Profile XD, on the other hand, has been tried out by me and some of my friends, and we all agreed it’s one of the best seniors’ club sets Wilson has ever produced.

Our pick For Top Seniors’ Golf Clubs, regardless of budget

If you’re not worried about overstepping your budget, there are much better choices available to you. From the list, i’d recommend Hybrid club set by Majek, which costs around three to four hundred, depending on where you buy it from. It’s not expensive, but it’s not the entire set either – you’re only getting hybrids and will have to get drivers, putters and the rest on top of them. There’s one more set of irons that i and my senior friends have tried and like very much. I didn’t get the chance to put it on the list when i compiled it first few years ago. I’m talking about JPX 900 iron set by Mizuno. Japanese surely know how to make excellent golf clubs for elders. It does come with sky high price, but in my opinion, it’s well worth it.

Are game improvement irons any good?

There’s abundance of advice for seniors looking to buy new set of irons, and it’s all different. Some people recommend one thing while others dismiss it. For a newbie, it can be confusing. Some say it’s the forgiveness that you should seek, while others think that forgiveness is overrated. The truth is, while game improvements do improve your game somewhat significantly, they can’t single-handedly make you a pro. Just because you see Tiger and other legends play with them, doesn’t mean anything. They play well mostly thanks to constant practicing, not because of their fancy clubs.

Using hybrids vs irons, which one’s better

It’s common knowledge that hybrids are better alternatives of irons, especially for seniors. It’s probably because they’re much easier to hit and also are much lighter, so they don’t put as much pressure on seniors’ bodies. Hybrids are better for beginners and high-handicappers in general, as well, because they’re much easier to hit and deliver consistent results. It’s usually the design and materials that make the difference.

All the Shaft Specifications

Almost all best golf clubs for senior men are bought with consideration only for making the game wonderful and fair. The shaft plays an important role in making of the golfers’ best (and only) friend- the club. Thus, they are always advised to pick light shafts that don’t go beyond 60 grams. Thanks to the brilliant sports equipment manufacturing technology, present shafts are available at weights as low as 50 grams. These shafts enable perfect swings with perfect timings. It is important that the grip-end of the club weights more than the lower end. This piece of advice comes from players who bought best golf clubs for senior players and changed the distribution with the help of a fitter. Longer shafts enable more speed even if it means a difference of an inch. With best golf driver for seniors, they can achieve formerly “unachievable” distances with ease.

Stiffness of the Flex

Having discussed a lot about the importance of flexibility and comfort, a lot of disadvantages also come from a flex that is not appropriately stiff. The golf clubs for senior players might make the ball fly too high if the stiffness is negated too much. The right-handed players might see that the ball fall on the left every time and the bad shots may feel powerful even when they are not. On the other hand a stiff shaft will make any contact feel unsatisfactory. Too much of any side is bad to have in a golf club.


Customization in the Modern Age

There can be several best-rated golf clubs for seniors 2020 to pick out from. But, what gives maximum strength to a player is a completely customized set. There exist club fitters who match the equipment with the physical strength and swing of the person concerned. This is especially beneficial for senior players as they need a club that allows them to play according to their capacities.

There is nothing to feel bad or ashamed about while consulting golf clubs for seniors’ reviews before making a list of choices and selecting one. It is better to be well informed and ready so that the game can be played professionally. Players should not go through the nuances of getting ill-suited products that will ruin the spirit of a beautiful game like golf.

Have a look at our topmost recommendations for 2020. Picking the best is important and this might shed light on things that you want to know. You can get additional information on the individual sites and pick out other accessories of your choice.


Best rated golf clubs for seniors 2020


I’ve written this senior golf club buying guide in 2016, and it became quite outdated. Now, i did my best to make this tutorial correct to date and remove outdated information.

Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set 

I’ve first heard about these clubs 2 years ago, but was hesitant to include them in this article. However, my attitude changed when i actually got the chance to play golf with these. You should also remember that this is all-hybrid set, so if you’re used to playing with combination of irons, hybrids and woods, like i was, it’s going to take a while to adapt to the new set. But for me, the difference was staggering. Compared to the irons, playing with these hybrid clubs was true relief for my body. And keep in mind that i’m just 60 – so my body isn’t under as much pressure as someone in their seventies or late sixties. Majek’s hybrids are much lighter than irons, and they didn’t affect the distance at all, so it has been major revelation. Ever since then, i’m seriously considering to get these for my own club set. I think they’d also work very well for senior golfers who are just getting started in golf and are looking for easiest golf club to hit. If that description fits you, look no further, because as of now – march 2020, these are the most forgiving and easiest clubs to hit. 

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Wilson Unisex Profile XD Golf Complete Set Senior

This is newer version of the Wilson senior’s club set that i had chosen when i wrote this tutorial originally in 2015. This set quite comfortably addresses all the challenges faced by any senior player and thus has won numerous accolades in various golf clubs for seniors’ reviews. That, plus considering it’s relatively low price, makes this set a real bargain for the money. This set is not only lightweight but also comes with special shafts for seniors which are extremely forgiving and gives you a terrific distance with little effort. The set comprises of a driver, fairway wood, irons 5-SW, hybrid, putter, bag and head covers. Its powerful design promotes both distance and control. Its high MOI mallet putter has an anti-glare finish along with unique alignment aid. The icing of the cake is its lightweight ergonomic stand bag, which not only looks attractive but also makes storing quite easy. It is even more stylish than  the previous version. Enjoying an average online rating of 4/5, the unit comes highly recommended not only for seniors who play golf on a regular basis but also for any newcomers with serious intention towards the game.

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Tour Edge HP20 Golf Club Senior Set

This set too costs around $$$ and continually lists amongst the best-rated golf club for seniors. The complete set has a total of 17 pieces made up of 460cc titanium driver, 3 & 5 fairway woods, hybrid and steel irons 5-SW, putter along with a double strap stand light weight bag and head covers for the woods.. Hybrids and fairway woods replace the heavy long irons, which are extremely difficult to play. The hybrid head comes with an oversized head which ensures an easy launching from anywhere in the field. The set inclines towards slower swing speeds due to senior flex shafts. Each of the club components are extremely forgiving and seriously work towards enhancing your game. With an good online rating, the unit is extremely popular amongst senior and as well as beginners. The unit is quite sturdy to absorb a fair amount of abuse completely justifies its purchase.

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Adams Senior Tight Lies Plus Package Set

Under the umbrella of the Adams Golf brand name, the Tight Lies line of clubs have an esteemed reputation built over 15 years of producing the best golf clubs for senior golfers. Its entire design is made with the latest aerodynamic technology, which provides ability for faster club-head speed that results in more distance covered. The set is made of an aerodynamic driver; 3 and 7 Fairway wood which has increased forgiveness for greater distance; the 5 super hybrid which are made powerful in such a manner that it is an utter delight for players on the lookout of a powerful hybrid that gives maximum distance without compromising on forgiveness and playability. Along with it comes 6 dream like irons, mallet putter and a hybrid bag to pack it all. With an online rating of 4.7/5 and costing just about $$$, it is a little wonder that the unit attracts rating as the best golf clubs for senior men 2016.

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Recommended Golf Club Set For Senior Ladies :


Majek Senior Lady All Hybrid Set

The biggest issue faced by any senior woman golfer is undoubtedly the iron set they find quite difficult and cumbersome to use. Majek Senior Lady all Hybrid set is an out and out hybrid set which paves way for effortless shots compared to irons. Each shot not only gives greater distance but also provides you with and improves the control. Its unique engineering approach provides unit with major benefits like positioning of more weight behind the sweet spot; a tighter shot dispersion, which enhances the accuracy of Off Center Hits and reduction in drag and higher club head speeds due to its aerodynamic design. Its design also facilitates a Higher Launch Angle for more distance. Owning to its lightweight premium graphite shaft, a much faster swing speed is achieved for a greater distance. Alignments are made easy and glare eliminated due to its black crown and arrow markers. The entire set can be custom built to suit any woman’s height. Priced at around $$$ and with an average online rating close to 5, no woman golfer can ignore this set.

Check Price and A

It is best to stick to the best golf club for seniors 2020 if any senior golfer aspires to reach the top of the game and sustain it and giving the younger generation a fierce competition.

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