Best Irons For Intermediate Golfers

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As an intermediate golfer myself, I know finding the best irons for my game can be a difficult challenge. In fact, I've only switched my irons about 4 times in the past 15 years... But, hopefully this guide will help you to make a wise choice. Enjoy!

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Irons are one of, if not the most important clubs you’ll be using on the golf course. For beginner golfers, they are source of some headaches. Long irons are especially hard to hit, so people came up with hybrids to make life a bit easier for beginners. Once you grow from being complete beginner into an intermediate-level golfer, answers to your problems stop being so simple. Getting super game improvement irons won’t solve all your problems. Hybrids are sometimes very useful, but even they can’t fix everything alone. 

Among golfers there is common agreement that game-improvement irons are the best option for beginner golfers and players’ irons are better suited for experienced golfers. Problem is that there is no clearly defined way to choose irons as an intermediate golfer. No one goes from being beginner straight to being expert golfer, so i think lack of information about best irons for intermediate golfer is a problem that needs to be solved. 

In this guide, i will focus on iron sets, for few reasons. First of all, i think buying iron sets is a much better deal than buying them one by one. If you want to get the best irons for the money, buying an entire set is the way to go. Second reason is that iron sets often include few hybrids. In my opinion, the best results on the fairway can be achieved by using both – hybrids and irons. Best iron sets for intermediate golfers usually replace long irons with hybrids, which is handy if you have difficulty hitting long irons, as most golfers do. If you’re handling long irons well, you shouldn’t switch to hybrids. As useful as they might be, you shouldn’t try to fix your golf game if it isn’t broken.

There are many amazing individual golf irons and hybrids that can single-handedly improve your results. With that being said, you should know which exact irons you are struggling with and should replace. The best way to find weak links in your golf club set is to go out on the golf course and play. Taking a golf lesson or two should also give you a good idea of what your weaknesses are. 

In my review, i’ll also take value of golf club sets into account. Guide is technically about best irons for intermediate golfer, but i won’t be discussing irons that cost thousands of dollars. Instead, i will be reviewing best irons for casual golfers within reasonable budget. For this guide, i will be considering iron sets that cost under thousand dollars. 

Of course it goes without saying that when you’re shopping for new iron set as an intermediate golfer, you shouldn’t  try to cut corners and save as much as you can. If you do that, you’ll end up with cloned golf clubs or something even worse. I strongly believe that golf club brand is good indicator of quality and performance of said club. More so than with any other products i’ve had to deal with. 

Best irons for intermediate golfer in 2021

Cobra King F8 Irons

Cobra has always been famous for high quality golf clubs and this set just continues that track record. This is one-length set, meaning that shafts of irons included in this set are equally long. Unique club-face design on these irons makes sweet spots much larger and therefore makes them easy to use for beginners and intermediates. There are plenty of other innovations when it comes to golf club heads. Carbon fiber inserts in this set are useful for achieving better results and they also give these clubs great feel. Build of these sets is hollow, which allows for better weight positioning to increase golfer’s odds of success.

TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

The fact that this set is one of the most popular iron sets among golfers should be enough to prove its excellence. Irons that come with this set are very forgiving and very likely to improve your results after you start using them. Ribcor technology, featured in this set, is very important because it makes sure to upon impact transfer as much energy to the ball as possible. There is newer and more expensive version of this set, M6, but i think M4 set comes with the best irons for average golfer. Clubs in this set also utilize perimeter weighting in order to improve golfer’s performance.

Callaway Rogue Iron

This is the only individual iron on this list. It is one of the best-selling irons out there. It is just one club, so naturally, it is much cheaper than a set. Callaway promotes this club as a perfect mix between performance and feel. Newest face cup design is intended to increase the distance. Just as other great irons being sold today, this club also uses perimeter weighting so that golfers playing with this club will have maximum control. Callaway Rogue Iron feels great in your hands and has great acoustics when you play with it. There are a lot of options for buying, including hand orientation and shaft material of a golf club. Overall, if you are thinking of replacing just one iron in your bag, you should get Rogue iron because value that this club has to offer is hard to resist. 

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