Callaway Strata Women’s Review

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Callaway Strata Women’s set is packed with modernized golf technology for women who want ultimate distance, performance, and forgiveness for every club in the bag. If you are looking for an honest review of the Callaway Strata Women’s set, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Callaways Strata Women’s golf set is a is a great all-around set of clubs.  It’s got everything you need at a great price point. 


For the past few years, golf club sets have been increasingly rising in popularity. The most popular and arguably the best of them all is Callaway Strata line. 

This brand seems to have found a way to manufacture golf clubs that are affordable, well-built and solid performers at the same time. I have already written Callaway Strata Review in general, but in this article, i want to focus on Strata club sets that are made for women. 

Usually, when designing female-centered versions of clubs or club sets, manufacturers make very shallow changes and don’t bother fundamentally changing the clubs so that they match women’s needs. For example, one of the common  changes is making golf clubs shorter in length, because women’s arms are shorter. 

Doing this is important, but it’s just the start. With Callaway Strata golf club sets though, manufacturer seems to have gone out of its way to make sure that their clubs are easy to hit for women of all ages and experiences.

Callaway Strata for Women just got even better. The brand released new, 2020 versions of Ultimate sets for both genders, and they are huge hit with consumers. 

If you are just a beginner lady golfer, Ultimate might be too much for you, but i always recommend novices to get it anyway. It will be overkill for those who have never held golf clubs before, but once you play with them once or twice, you’ll love them. I don’t know about you, but i want to have golf clubs (and all products in general) that grow with me, so that i don’t outgrow them easily. 

That’s Callaway Strata Ultimate for you. So if you’re a woman who’s just getting into golf, there are three options of Strata sets at your disposal : Ultimate 16 piece set, Strata 14 Piece set and Strata Tour Complete Set. We’ll get into writing individual Callaway Strata women’s sets reviews in later part of the guide.

Obviously, 14 piece set is the cheapest of the three. Some people think that beginner lady golfers should opt for cheapest option, which in our case is 14 piece Strata set. 

Although i’ve mentioned before and will do it again, that i disagree. In this Callaway Strata Women’s review i will argue that Ultimate 16-piece set is the most fitting for most ladies due to multitude of reasons. 

First of all, Ultimate set is slightly more expensive, but general quality of golf clubs is a significant step-up from the quality of cheaper sets. With that being said, Callaway Strata Ultimate for Women is almost as affordable as most golf  club sets out there. Strata Tour set is a bit different from these two, and also the most expensive option at your disposal. I love the golf bags and general style of all the ladies’ Strata sets that i’ve mentioned here. 

They all look gorgeous on the course to the point that you can’t even tell that they are affordable line of club sets. 

In general, prices range from two hundred to four hundred dollars. The best callaway strata sets for women are Ultimate and Tour sets, depending on what you prefer. I can also see why some people claim that cheaper Strata sets that cost around two hundred and fifty dollars are good for beginners. 

As a novice golfer, you don’t want to take a big risk and spend thousands of dollars on something you’re not going to use. When i think about it from that perspective, i realize the validity of that point of view. In this review of Callaway Strata ladies’ sets though, i will stick to my own point of view. While giving you objective, clear picture of what golf club options you have, of course. 

One more advantage of having fewer clubs as a beginner golfer is simplicity. Having too many clubs can hinder your decision-making process on the golf course. Having to choose from many similar options of golf clubs can exhaust your brain. So if you think that you’re susceptible to over-thinking things, then sticking with simpler option – golf clubs with fewer clubs – might be smart. 

Golf rules say that golf player, whether it is a man or a woman, can’t have more than 15 clubs with him/her on the course. I think that for novice golfers who are just getting to know golf, even 10 golf clubs is too much. The best option is to have set of clubs that is absolutely necessary – a driver, a wood, a few irons, a hybrid, putter and maybe a wedge. Other than that, golf clubs will only distract you and bring you no good. 

You can still take my advice of buying Strata Ultimate set, rather than 14 piece one and still consider this advice. Ultimate set does come with more clubs, but there is always option of skipping some of the clubs when you’re visiting the course. As you get better, you will need all the clubs of course. In fact, one of my favorite things about Callaway Strata Ultimate set is distance gapping of golf clubs. Every golf bag in the bag is useful and might save you in the time of a crisis on the golf course. 

If you’re a lady at an intermediate experience level or even more seriously involved, then your choice should be a no-brainer : Callaway Strata Ultimate is the best fit for your needs. 

That’s all i had to say about Callaway Strata sets for women in this review, hopefully it helps some ladies to become even better golfers and be happy with a good gear. I have experience of playing with Callaway Strata Ultimate set, and once again, can attest to quality and solid build of these clubs. Overall, i don’t think there are any better options for women when it comes to entire club sets. Certianly not in terms of quality. If you’re looking for something cheap, you should be able to find it, but it will be no match for Callaway Strata sets when it comes to quality and solid build. 

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