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Women’s Petite Golf Clubs – How to Choose the Right One

Number of women golfers has steadily increased in the past few decades, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Golf is becoming more feminine, and manufacturers have noticed. Now, unlike times when there were few lady golfers, there are many excellent golf clubs for women  and wide pool of options to choose from. Still, for petite ladies, who represent significant segment of women golfers, the task of finding golf clubs that properly fit remains a major problem. That’s why I decided to write this post – to help petite lady golfers find best golf clubs that match their needs. I will give general advice on choosing golf clubs as a petite golfer and will recommend specific club sets as well.


Best Golf Clubs for Petite Ladies in 2019 :

Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set 

Let’s start with the set that is in my opinion, the best choice for petite ladies. Newest version of this club, which is also one of the best-rated women’s golf clubs on Amazon, includes 9 clubs, headcovers and a gorgeous stand bag. Price may seem high for a set that includes no more than nine clubs, but experienced golfers will tell you that if shooting range is properly optimized, amateur golfers don’t really need more than nine clubs to achieve desired results. Plus, I think you should take high price as an indicator of high quality. According to description of this product and my experience in using it, this club set is perfect for women who are 5’2 – 5’3 tall. I think that height fits the definition for petite, which is why I’ve included them in this list. If you’re much shorter, you might be better off considering some other options below.

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Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Set

Unlike the set I’ve discussed above, this one is considered quite affordable by conventional standards. Despite that, it is fairly popular among lady golfers and has excellent customer rating on Amazon. One more way in which this set is different from others is that this set is designed specifically for petite ladies. All clubs in this set are one inch shorter than other golf clubs designed for women. There are few club sets that work well for ladies who are 4”10 or 4”11, but this club is certainly one of them. In general, this club set is ideal for any woman who is shorter than 5”6. Driver that comes with this set has 460cc head, which is as large as club head can be. Largeness of this club head means that driver has large sweet spot, making it easier to hit for beginners. Set also includes 3-wood which is just as forgiving and easy to hit as the driver. Set also includes two hybrids to replace long irons, which are usually hard to hit for high handicappers. Irons that are included in this set are as good as they can be, considering the affordable price tag on this set. Same could be said for putter – it’s decent but nothing extraordinary, although you can’t really expect anything of the sort at this price. Set also comes with headcovers for driver, 3-wood, and two hybrids.

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Precise NX460 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

This golf club set could also be considered affordable by most standards, but unlike Palm Springs set, this one only includes 8 golf clubs. Then again, as I’ve mentioned before, if clubs are picked carefully, 8 clubs are all you need for successful game of golf. Lesser number of clubs means that set will be lighter and easier to move around the course. On top of that, set also includes gorgeous bag that is extremely convenient to use for carrying your clubs. Out of all petite women’s club sets I’ve reviewed here, this one is probably the best for beginners. My reason for saying that is that this set has fewer clubs, which makes it less confusing to figure out. There are two versions of this set – one for ladies who are taller than 5’3, and the other for ladies shorter than that. As you can probably notice, upper limit on the height of women who can use this club set is lower than for other sets, which means that this set is even more aligned to the needs of petite women than any other sets are. Graphite makes golf clubs of this set even lighter than they otherwise would be.

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How to choose golf clubs for petite women?

Whether you’re a male choosing golf club set for a lady, or lady looking to purchase set for yourself, there are few things that you need to keep in mind. Buying solid, high quality golf club set for reasonable price really isn’t that difficult. Basically, you have to use the same rules that you use for buying golf clubs for women with normal height. I’ll get more specific about tips and tricks related to buying petite women’s club sets. Process of buying individual clubs is much more complicated and probably better suited for other tutorial. In this one, I’ll focus on golf club sets.

As I’ve mentioned before, just as with women in general, petite ladies’ clubs need to be forgiving and easy to hit, especially if they are beginners. It is preferable for driver to have large club head, since that tends to produce longer shots. If you’re a beginner, golf club set that you choose should also have a hybrid to take long iron’s place in your golf bag. Hybrids are much easier to hit. Other than that, irons need to be accurate but not every difficult to hit and putters should be even more accurate than the irons. I think that covers the basics of choosing golf clubs as a petite woman.


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