Wilson Profile XD Review

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As you grow and as your game improves, the quality of your equipment can make a tremendous difference in your ability to pull off certain shots. If you’re in the search for a decent set of golf clubs, that can enable you to pull out faster swings, more distance, accuracy, and control, you’ve come to the right place.

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Profile XD is one of the most popular club sets made by Wilson. I think it’s popularity is well deserved, as it is fairly priced and clubs included are great bargain for the price. It must be noted that not everyone agrees on that and Profile XD club set has its fair share of critics. Before going any further with this review, I should also mention that there are Profile XD clubs for many different categories of golfers. I know for a fact that there are distinct sets for women, men and seniors. There may be others, but I’ll focus on these three in this review. I will also try to compare this set to other popular golf club sets, such as Callaway Strata series. I’ve written review of those in the past, so it’ll be easy to compare the two and draw conclusions. Club sets are usually great for beginners, who don’t want to spend a lot on golf clubs before testing waters a little bit. I’ll be writing with the assumption that the reader is beginner or casual golfer, not someone looking to maximize their results or compete in tournaments. If you are such a person reading this, then I have bad news: Wilson Profile XD is just going to suit your needs. There are many other top notch golf clubs that might help professionals achieve their best on the golf course, but they cost much more than clubs included in this set. So in this Wilson Profile XD review, when making judgements, I’ll be speaking with its affordable price in mind. Another reason for why beginners might like this set is the game improvement design of the clubs included in this set.

Wilson Men’s Profile XD Review

Let’s start with the version of this club set that is most popular of them all. This set usually costs around two to three hundred dollars. Price frequently changes, so if you want to see most recent price, check the Amazon listing here.  The set includes ten golf clubs – one driver, two woods, six irons and a putter. After reading reviews of people who’ve used this set, I was left with the impression that while people like driver and woods alright, irons and putter are really the remarkable part of this set. The packaging also includes stylish golf bag and headcovers. People aren’t crazy about these, either. According to Profile XD customer reviews, cloth material of both is too flimsy and thin. So, to sum it all up – all parts of this set, except for cavity back irons and a putter, are what you’d expect for the price. On the other hand, Irons are really good and are worth the entire price of this set alone. So if you are okay with the drawbacks mentioned before, definitely check out this set. If not, Callaway 12-piece set might be a good alternative worth considering. We’ll compare these two at the end of this review.

Wilson Women’s Profile XD Review

In a lot of ways, this set is similar to the male version, but there are differences. Most important one would have to be the weight of these clubs. Because they are intended to be used by women, Wilson made clubs in women’s set much lighter than those for men. Grips are different too, they are softer than those of men’s clubs. Another great thing about this set is that there are lots of options and customizations available. Wilson made sure to make golf clubs that will work for all women, whether they are tall, petite or average height. They all have option to purchase the set that is properly sized for them. I think this set is perfect for beginner ladies, because of few reasons. One, it includes everything you need to get started with playing golf right away. Golf clubs intended for long game – driver, wood and hybrid – are extremely forgiving and easy to hit. Also, just as men’s version, irons and putter are surprisingly high quality and well-built. Bag is stylish and durable, but it’s tightly packed with 10 clubs that come with this set. If you wanted to add more clubs to your set to diversify it a little bit, I’m afraid you’d have to get a new golf bag. One thing I like about the bag a lot is it’s radiant color : I’m tired of women’s golf bags that are pink or purple. Clubs and all other pieces of this set feature beautiful blue-ish color, which I like a lot.

Wilson Senior’s Profile XD Review

Even though it’s not as widely popular as previously mentioned versions of this set, Wilson Profile XD for seniors is definitely the best rated of them all, by customers as well as by golf club critics. As you can probably guess, clubs are similar to those in other sets in general, with few caveats. Clubs in this set are altered to meet the needs of seniors. Their grip is softer than that of normal golf clubs, and graphite shafts on these clubs are senior flex. Forged titanium driver has large 460cc head and thanks to large sweet spot and high loft, greatly improves distance. Just like other sets of this kind, this one also includes fairway wood and hybrid. Both work as they should. Hybrid especially is great for beginners who find it difficult to hit long irons. Similarly, just as with other sets, irons are the best part of this set. This set is also significantly lighter than most senior’s sets I’ve tried on the course.

Wilson Profile XD Vs Callaway Strata Series

These are probably two of the most popular golf club sets on the market right now. So which one do I recommend? I think both of them are great, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages that Profile XD set has is the price. It’s much cheaper than most sets that Callaway offers. Quite frankly, irons in Wilson’s set are better as well. When it comes to long-distance golf clubs, Callaway definitely has the upper hand. Overall, I think your decision to go with either one of them over another should depend on your specific needs.

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