The Best Irons for Beginners?

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Investing in a decent set of irons at the start will arguably give you the greatest return and benefit for your money. If you are on the quest for finding the best beginner irons, read on! We’ll talk about some of the best choices out there, making it easy for you to decide!

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Veterans of any game may tell you that having the best gaming equipment in the world will not compensate for bad technique or lack of practice. While this might be true but having good equipment at your disposal helps you to learn the game the right way. Golf is a game where skill, technique, clubs, and golf balls, work in tandem. Whether you’re playing for fun on the weeekends with games like Bingo Bango Bongo or competing professionally in a tournament, your game depends not only on the level of expertise you possess, but also on your selection of tools. So choose from the best golf irons for starters.

Few sports have dependency on the game equipment, as golf does. Beginning with a good set of irons gives you joy and confidence when you see the ball make a perfect arc from the fairway as it sails through the air. Building your confidence with swift and easy strokes improves your swing and gives you better footing when it’s time to change out your starter clubs as your experience increases.

Features to look in the Best Irons for Beginners

What most beginners would like to see when they swing their clubs to hit the ball is good height and yards covered as they move from iron to iron. Here are a few features you might want to consider while looking for the best iron sets for beginners.

Shaft characteristics

Though this feature is probably not as important as some of the others to be discussed in this buying guide, but it is considered as number 1 here. Reason is simple because it gets ignored often. Not many beginners pay much attention to the type, flex, length, and material of the shaft they are using. Hence, their game is affected and they seldom know why!

Having a forgiving iron is extremely important while starting out on fairway shots, to gain the maximum trajectory you can possibly achieve. Shafts should also be light to achieve the desired speed on the swing.

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Commonly used shafts that have softer flex for beginners would be graphite or in some cases steel. Players need to be fitted out for each iron, which goes without saying! To attain the maximum swing on your club, ensure that the shaft height is just right for you.

Sole of the club head

When you’re starting out, you are yet to perfect the correct angle for the right point of contact between your club and your ball. A wide-sole Iron would make this aspect of learning easier. As you gradually hit the same point on your ball at the same angle, you can wean off the wide-sole and start practicing on a regular sized iron.

The wider surface area of the contact surface also ensures that maximum power is transferred from the swing to the ball and takes it to longer lengths with better accuracy making it the best irons for beginners.

Weighting and COG

Center of gravity, or COG is what helps you keep your balance when you walk upright. The center of gravity of an iron, can be thought of in much the same way. If the COG is improperly situated, the club can be off balance and throw your game. This leads to decreased accuracy and low power on shots, even if your Iron is wide-soled and your shaft, flexible and soft.

This is why investing in a good set of irons is paramount. The small ‘nitty-gritty’ details often have lasting impacts on your stance. The forgiveness of a club may not be taken full advantage of, if the weighting is off.

Distance gaps

As a beginner, you might not be able to achieve significant distance changes with different irons. Or, you might not be able to see how different clubs provide this distance gap for you. However, well-designed clubs will help you perfect your game so that you can rely on them, to give you the gaps they promise.

Selecting the right iron on your fairway shot is crucial to improving your golf handicap and gaining a better score. Hence, picking the right set of ‘training Irons’ to help you clearly demarcate and expect noticeable changes in distance is mandatory.

Top 5 picks for Best Golf Irons for Beginners

Taking into considerations all the important features we have discussed so far, we’ve short listed five best value golf irons. So, let’s get started.

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Iron Set

This set from Callaway is priced slightly on the higher end of our spectrum at around $$$$$. However, it is definitely worth the investment as you will realize in due time.

This set of irons is designed with 360 face cup technology that Callaway uses on their woods as well. For beginners, these irons are forgiving, produce good height, greater ball speeds, and distance when required. The hollow body construction allows for a lighter club, improved accuracy, and straighter shots.

The shafts are made of premium materials and you can choose to go with graphite or steel according to your convenience. The set also gives you the option of replacing long irons with adjustable hybrids that can be tuned to eight different settings. These irons come in both right and left hand orientations.

Out of all Amazon customers who have purchased these irons, whether as beginners or experienced, most are thoroughly happy with the flexibility and shot accuracy that they provide. They have rated it a very exceptionally, all in all to give it a place among best irons for golf starters.


Wilson Velocity HDX Men’s Right Handed 8 Piece Iron Golf Club Set

Another prominent name in golf club manufacturers, Wilson clubs, delivers as promised. These clubs are very reasonably priced at $$$ for this 8 Iron set.

The irons in this set are designed with game improvement technology that provides the right ‘sweet spot’ to help improve your accuracy with each shot.

They offer lightweight steel shafts that complement the weight and dimensions of the club heads. To aid in flights of greater distance, the club head has an undercut cavity design and a low center of gravity. The head material is made of stainless steel which is precision cast to get the best game advantage possible.

Customers who have purchased this set have been able to see significant changes in their distance gaps, with some of them hitting 10 to 15 yards farther than before. Several golfers who purchased these clubs on Amazon, have given it a very good rating. The affordable price and the Wilson technology are very attractive and key selling points for this hot item!

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TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set

This TaylorMade Iron set and the Callaway Big Bertha set have a few similarities. Like the Big Bertha, this set also comes in steel and graphite shaft options. They provide a Regular to Stiff flex, and right or left orientation.

TaylorMade is more competitively priced, coming in at $$$$. The set comprises of 6 Irons and PW. These clubs are designed to give you good distance while maintaining the desired trajectory. It provides forgiveness for beginner golfers and helps improve game accuracy. In essence, these clubs were made with beginner golfers in mind.

The clubs offer a lowered center of gravity by weight redistribution techniques such as the 360A Undercut, to allow higher launching angles. The Speed Pocket feature of the club head thins out the sole, which helps to achieve greater ball speeds. With glowing customer reviews left by tens of Amazon customers, this set of irons definitely is a hit among Best Irons for Beginners. From experienced golfers to those in double digit handicaps, these Irons have game improvement features for all. Players favor these clubs due to large distance gaps achieved, greater accuracy, and better speed.

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Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Club Iron Sets

This set of irons from Mizuno boasts of large sweet spots on the club face for maximum speed, accuracy, and trajectory on launch. The clubs are also forgiving on beginner swings. The max pocket cavity on the 4 – 7 Irons and Deep pocket cavity on the 8-PW provide for greater distances. The shaft material is made of steel and offers a Regular to Stiff flex.

The clubs are priced upwards of $$$ and can be purchased brand new or pre-owned. Users find that these clubs are light, compact and provide maximum game improvement. It offers good feedback on straight hits as well as off-center shots.

The clubs are very forgiving on players starting out on irons and have helped improve accuracy, better ball contact, swing and spin. Some players have also been able to see a remarkable improvement in the distance gaps, with the maximum being as high as 15 yards. This product is one of the best rated beginners’ irons on Amazon, as rated by the customers who purchased it.

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Adams Golf New Idea Iron Set

Our list of top 5 would not be complete without incorporating this highly rated set. Priced at around $$$, these clubs are graphite shafted and provide a Regular flex. This set comprises of a new wraparound slot technology which creates a larger sweet spot on the club face. This ensures good trajectory on ball contact for game improvement features.

The set offers 3H, 4H, 5H hybrid irons, which provide maximum forgiveness on off-center shots, greater accuracy, and speed. In addition to these, the set contains 6,7,8,9 and PW standard Irons as well.

Senior players who have large handicaps and look to golf for a weekend play are quite happy with the improvements seen with this set. They are comfortable to play with and provide the forgiveness needed. Customers are also satisfied with the grips offered and several amazon customers have provided a soaring review. Few players have seen tremendous improvements in their technique and accuracy with these clubs on hand.

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In conclusion…

Perfection is what golf is all about, and the Best Golfing Irons for Beginners we’ve discussed are here to assist you in getting your game on point. Any one of these options would be a good piece to start for game improvement, making straight shots on direct contact, and acceptable ones on off-center shots. These sets feature the best that technology has to offer in terms of composite materials used, hybrids, shaft material, club head cavity, etc to give you the confidence you need. We hope that these reviews point you in the right direction and improve your all-around experience on the greens!

All you need to do is make your choice among countless brands go to the online shopping sites like Amazon and read the customers reviews and feedback. You will get the first hand feedback and answer to all your questions to buy best golf irons for beginners.

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