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Golf Equipment Reviews

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Beginners

It hasn’t been long since hybrids have been first introduced to golfers, but their popularity is proof enough that they are very useful for players of all age and experience, but especially for high handicappers and golfers of average experience. Hybrid golf clubs are also called utility clubs and rescue clubs.  Based on my logic, they must be called that because of their usefulness in many different situations. They come

Best Putters for Women

Putter is extremely important part of every woman’s golf club set. You could say that all clubs are equally important, but in my opinion, some clubs are especially significant and putter is one of them. In case you don’t already know, putter is the club you use to finally deliver golf ball to the hole. Final shot is extremely important and getting it right might make a big difference in

How to choose Best Rescue Club

Before we get into talking about best rescue club and what makes it earn that title, let’s talk about what rescue golf clubs are and when they are used. (Experienced golfers can skip to reviews). Rescue club is just another name for hybrid that you use to hit golf balls from bad spots on the golf course (roughs). Because of their bigger heads rescue clubs tend to be much more

Best Utility Iron in 2020

  For most golfers, default golf clubs to use for hitting golf balls off the fairway are 3 and 5 woods. There are some golfers who deviate from the standard, and use hybrids and irons instead. Throughout last few years, professionals have been ditching woods and hybrids for irons. That made me question the default option of using fairway wood, and set out on a quest to find best driving

Which Left Handed Golf Clubs to Buy in 2020

Being left handed golfer isn’t as much of a hindrance as it used to be. It won’t get in the way of either becoming a great golfer or having casual fun, but still, there are few things to keep in mind. For example, golf courses are designed for majority – right handed golfers. It doesn’t have great effect on the outcome of your game, but if we’re talking about disadvantages

Callaway Strata Review

Note: Callaway just released newer and better Ultimate club sets for men and women. I highly recommend getting these over older generations, as they are the best club set by Callaway on market right now.      Quick Reviews :  Callaway Strata 14 Piece Quality and Materials Just as with 12 piece set, to achieve remarkably low price, Callaway chose not to use premium materials when making this set. It is still very

Best irons for seniors – Complete Buying Guide

    Quick Reviews TaylorMade M4 Combo Set Quality TaylorMade M4 Combo set includes clubs that are very well crafted and designed to last. Value for the Money Even though it’s not cheap, this set is not ludicrously expensive, either. I think the quality and amazing design is worth every penny. Clubs Clubs in this set are very well designed and with proper training, ensures that your results will be

Best intermediate golf clubs – Buying Guide

  Quick Reviews :  Callaway Strata Tour Set Quality of Clubs Low price of this set precludes the use of expensive materials, but otherwise, Strata Tour set is very well built. Value for the Money Callaway somehow managed to pack incredible set of clubs in this set that sells for fairly low price. Golf Clubs Clubs included in this set are very good, but again, because of low price, they

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls Review

If you are looking for creativity to meet your goals in golf, then buying a Volvik crystal balls can be none less than essential. Especially, with the latest price they’re offering. These golf balls come in four different colors that make them easy to locate on the lush greens than the omnipresent white one. So, if you tend to lose your golf balls you must get these vibrant and easy

Srixon Marathon Golf Ball Review

After hitting these for a while, i think they are solid balls for anyone from average to professional level. In the terms of its design, efficiency and the price, the Srixon Marathon Golf Ball are the best bargain (make sure to check the current price though, they change all the time). These balls are designed and manufactured by innovative engineering team for best durability and achieve the longest possible distance. If

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