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Hey! I'm Brandon, and I'm a golfaholic.

I'm also a huge dork, who loves technology - so this site is my passion project! If it goes well, maybe someday I'll be able to retire for a life of bogies and cup-ins.

You'll find affiliate links throughout the site, and if you click 'em - I might get a small commission. I hope you enjoy everything here, and maybe even learn a few things.


bingo bango bongo

Bingo Bango Bongo

If you are looking to add some extra fun and action to your golf match, we’ve got just the game for you. Bingo Bango Bongo is an entertaining betting game that can be played by two, three or four players, in which three points are up for grabs on every hole. We’ve gathered up everything you need to know about the game for you to give it a shot. Enjoy!

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Taylormade Rocketbladez

TaylorMade RocketBladez & RocketBladez HL Irons Review

One of the big surprising things in the golf industry last year was the fact
that TaylorMade seems to almost dominate the industry by introducing RocketBallz, which comes with the speed slot, a new design, and the promises of so much extra distance. So if you are looking for an upgrade of iron, we have done the tedious task of finding some fine irons for you.

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Mallet or Blade Putter

Blade vs Mallet Putter – The Endless Debate: SOLVED

Putting. It should be so simple? Yeah right. Putting is probably one of the hardest parts of golf. Considering all that separates you from winning the hole is about 6 feet of grass, what could go wrong? Well, in my case, smashing it 7 feet straight past, followed by another two putts.

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Taylormade Speedblades

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons Review

The TaylorMade Speedblades are a timeless set of irons. First created in 2013, these game improvement irons feature a speed pocket and are a great choice for mid to high handicappers. We hope you enjoy this review of the Taylormade SpeedBlades as much as we enjoyed hitting them!

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Intermediate Golfer

Best Intermediate Golf Clubs – Your Personal Buying Guide

So, you’re not a beginner, you’re not yet a professional – you’re stuck right in that intermediate range, and you’re looking for some golf clubs to help you shave a few more strokes… We get it. Hopefully our guide here will help you find the absolute best intermediate golf clubs to suit your skill-level!

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tall golfer

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Guys

Being super tall isn’t all that fun when you like golfing rather than dunking basketballs. And, fitting your clubs properly can be a real struggle. But, rest assured we did the dirty work for you and found some of the absolute best golf clubs for tall guys… like me!

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Callaway Strata Review Golf Club

Callaway Strata Review

If you’re looking for some legitimate reviews for Callaway’s Strata Golf Clubs – then you’re in the right place! Continue reading to see what the team at Golf Clubs Guru discovered…

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Callaway Strata Womens Golf Club Set Review

Callaway Strata Women’s Review

Callaway Strata Women’s set is packed with modernized golf technology for women who want ultimate distance, performance, and forgiveness for every club in the bag. If you are looking for an honest review of the Callaway Strata Women’s set, you’ve come to the right place.

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