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Golf Equipment Reviews

(One of the) Lightest stand bag – Ogio Nimbus Review – January 2020

In the category of lightweight and easy to carry golf bags the Ogio Nimbus bag definitely wins a laudable place, especially the newest version with superior design.  It is a complete bag of all the goods you can expect in your golf bag.  It is spacious and well planned to organize your golf accessories. If you want to carry a cool drink with you while enjoying golf, it has all

Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag Review

Sun Mountain, a renowned name in sports accessories, ensures that their best product defines the new benchmark for its competitors. So, new 2018 version of C-130 is just outstanding. Let’s explore this best buy in golf accessories and waste no time in making a wise purchase. Features of Sun Mountain c130 Cart Bag My favorite feature is that it comes with a huge count of fourteen individual club dividers to hold all

Taylormade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set Review

*2020 Update Kalea golf club set is still one of the best for women Doesn’t come with golf bag, but includes headcovers. Just 10 clubs, but optimized for distance gaps, so all of them are extremely useful. Great value, even at comparatively high price(link opens in new tab). Getting perfect golf set for women is very difficult as golfing and men is mostly taken as default pair. With newest Kalea

Best irons for beginners in 2020

Veterans of any game may tell you that having the best gaming equipment in the world will not compensate for bad technique or lack of practice. While this might be true but having good equipment at your disposal helps you to learn the game the right way. Golf is a game where skill, technique, clubs, and golf balls, work in tandem. Whether you’re playing for fun over the weekends, or

Best Golf Clubs for Kids Who are just starting out

Introduction Note: Ratings updated in 2020 Most parents, who have recognized budding golfing talents in their toddlers, are keen to propel their children towards going pro. An early start leads to better and faster learning. Getting the right kind of clubs, balls, shoes for children, is important because training wrong is worse than training late. Hence, parents typically invest in pro 14-piece golf kits, or kits which are too big for

Adams Idea A12 OS Iron Set Review

The late Arnold Palmer came under criticism in recent years for marketing various clubs that did not meet USGA or Royal & Ancient “fairness” standards. But the great ambassador of the game was unperturbed. “I’m not marketing these clubs to touring pros,” Palmer said in an interview. “I’m marketing them to amateur players and seniors, to increase their enjoyment of the game.” Enjoyment of the game can be in tragically

TaylorMade MC Irons Review

For a long time, golf balls came in 2 forms. There were “wound” balls with liquid cores, favored by professionals and low-handicap club golfers for their feel, extra backspin and maneuverability when shot-shaping. In contrast, there were “2 piece” balls with solid cores, excellent for long drives and overall distance. 2 piece balls tended to go straighter, even when hit improperly. The golfers who chose to play with 2 piece

TaylorMade RocketBladez & RocketBladez HL Irons Review

For an affordable alternative in customizable golf clubs, TaylorMade offers its classic “RocketBladez” line of irons at a slightly less expensive cost than many designer club sets. I will review this set and also compare it with other top notch sets offered by Callaway, that cost around the same as RocketBladez set. The regular-loft RocketBladez model irons are the earliest TaylorMade line to feature “speed pocket” technology, a weight bar placed

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons Review

Golfers jump through a lot of hoops trying to get a faster clubhead speed. But while driver and fairway wood manufacturers focus highly on adding distance in their clubs, marketing for iron sets typically promises greater control, backspin and forgiveness. But the SpeedBlade iron set by Taylormade is directed at golfers who want to improve distance and height on their iron shots, and make more consistently solid contact on all

Best 56 degree wedge

  Let’s admit it, we’ve all ended up in the sand once or twice, or maybe a few more times than we’d like to admit.  This makes choosing the right sand wedge absolutely essential for getting you out of those tough spots and back onto the green so that you can keep your score as low as possible and your confidence high.  These game saving shots have to be taken

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